African and African Disapora Studies Department
African and African Disapora Studies Department

Faculty Guidelines

Promotion and Tenure Timeline


Course Scheduling


I.   Faculty Course Load Through COLA

II.  EC Rules & Course Balances in AADS

III. Course Scheduling Process

IV.  What Courses Can I Teach?

V.   Graduate Course Information

  • AADS Grad Required Courses
  • AADS Grad Areas

VI.  Undergraduate Course Information

  • AADS Undergrad Required Courses
  • AADS Undergrad Areas

VII. When Can I Teach?

VIII.Where Can I Teach?

IX.  AADS Course Request Forms

X.   Definitions

XI.  Undergraduate Information

  • General Questions
  • Grade Disputes & Plagiarism
  • AFR Major Recruitment
  • Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC)

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Graduate Program 

I.   Overview 

  • Graduate Studies Committee
  • Graduate Program Committee
  • Graduate Program Committee Chair duties and responsibilities
  • Graduate Advisor duties and responsibilities
  • Graduate Coordinator duties and responsibilities

II.  Faculty Roles in AADS Graduate Program

  • Graduate program teaching rotation
  • Graduate course development
  • Teaching Assistant policy and appointment procedures
  • Graduate Research Assistant policy and appointment procedures
  • Role as faculty advisor/mentor
  • Role as dissertation committee chair/member
  • Role in student recruitment
  • Role in student assessment

III. Admissions Procedures

  • Graduate Admissions Committee duties and responsibilities
  • Graduate Admissions Committee Chair duties and   responsibilities
  • Admissions criteria
  • UT Fellowship Nominations  

IV.  Coursework

  • AADS Core Courses
  • Recommended Texts – AADS Theory 1 and 2
  • Recommended Texts – AADS Methods 1
  • Degree plan without MA (5 Year Plan)
  • Degree plan with MA (3 Year Plan)
  • Grading Policies

V.   Departmental Advising

  • Role of AADS Advisor
  • Initial and Ongoing Advisement
  • Advising Checklist/Milestones
  • Annual Review of Student Progress

VI.  Master’s Report

  • Literature Review
  • Publishable Essay

VII. Qualifying Exam

  • Bibliographies and Syllabi with Lecture
  • Dissertation Proposal with Job Talk

VIII.Graduate Student Responsibilities

  • Foreign Language Requirement
  • Required program and conference attendance
  • Required professional development activities

IX.  Graduate Student Grievance Procedures

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Finance Team          

I.   Contacts

II.  Guidelines for Budget Funds

III. Allocated Research Awards

IV.  Processing

V.   Funding Requests

VI.  Purchasing Guidelines and Services

  • Allowable Purchases
  • Purchasing Procedures
  • Services Performed by Individuals

VII. HR Position Procedures and Policies


  • Faculty/staff business travel authorizations
  • Visitor/Business Travel Authorizations
  • Airfare/Rental Car Direct Billing
  • Faculty, Staff, and Student Travel Reimbursements
  • Visitor Travel reimbursement

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General Office Information

I.   New Employee Set Up

  • Office and Building keys
  • Getting Business Cards
  • Long Distance Codes
  • Voicemail to Outlook set up

II.  House Keeping and Instructions

  • Copy/Fax Machine
  • Mailing Letters and Packages
  • Trash Takeout
  • Game Day

III. Supply Ordering Procedure

IV.  Trouble Shooting 

  • Central IT/ CoLA IT
  • Fax Machine

V.   Important Numbers

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