Center for Asian American Studies
Center for Asian American Studies
Center for Asian American Studies


Founded in 1999, the Center for Asian American Studies (CAAS) at The University of Texas at Austin is an interdisciplinary academic program promoting understanding and awareness of Asian Pacific American (APA) issues and communities. We house undergraduate major, minor, and honors programs and organize lectures, films, conferences, speakers' series, discussion forums, and collaborate partnerships with community and campus organizations. CAAS seeks to develop and highlight transnational and hemispheric perspectives and narratives of Asians in the Americas and the American South.

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Apr 28

AAS Major Luncheon

  12:00 PM
  BUR 560

May 2

AFSSA Movie Night: "Do-ga-ni" at the Texas Union Theatre

  6:00 PM
  Texas Union Theatre - University of Texas

May 3

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