Center for Asian American Studies
Center for Asian American Studies

B.A. in Asian American Studies

Asian American Studies is an interdisciplinary approach to the social, cultural, and political study of people living in America of Asian descent. Topics include, but are not limited to studies of immigration, diaspora, law and legislation, community formation and civil rights. 

Asian American Studies focuses mainly on those that take place in the United States and Canada.  We believe that Asian American Studies not only offers insight into Asian American experiences, but into the experience of all communities who have experienced immigration and acculturation in America.

What can I do with an Asian American Studies major?

Many career opportunities exist for students who graduate with a B.A. degree in Asian American Studies, such as service with national and international organizations which seek knowledge of American multicultural society in general, and of Asian American peoples and cultures in particular; positions as area specialists with state and federal government agencies; careers in the private sector with corporation or private organizations which have a significant portion of their activities in the U.S. and the Pacific Rim; and positions of service and leadership within Asian American communities. Students may also continue their education and pursue professional or graduate studies. Click here for a listing and here for a map of universities that have Bachelor and/or Masters programs in Asian American Studies.