College of Liberal Arts

Catalog Instructions

TO: Department Chairs, Center and Program Directors, Senior Administrative Staff

FROM: Richard R. Flores, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

DATE: February 5, 2015

SUBJECT: The Undergraduate Catalog, 2016-2018

The College of Liberal Arts is now accepting proposals for changes to the College’s curriculum, found in The Undergraduate Catalog, 2014-2016, for the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 academic years.

All submissions will now be handled electronically.  

FEBRUARY 23, 2015
APRIL 1, 2015

Changes Requiring Faculty Council Legislative Approval

Proposals that affect either college academic policy or the requirements of an existing degree or

degree program require approval through the Faculty Council legislative process. These include

but are not limited to:

• Changes to the requirements of an existing major or minor

• Changes to the requirements of an honors program

• Changes to the requirements of a transcript recognized certificate or a concentration

• Changes to general degree requirements and academic policies

• Adding or deleting a departmental honors program

Proposals for new degree programs/majors or to delete an existing degree program/ major also

require approval of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Small changes include but are not limited to:

• Changes to specified hours in an existing major due to changes in course inventory

• Changes to grade requirements in specified hours

• Changes to grade requirements in a departmental honors program

Contact John St. Lawrence if you wish to delete or add a new major or degree: or 512-232-5922.

Instructions: Submitting Catalog Changes to the College

Instructions for preparing legislation have been simplified.

1. Review the current requirements for your major(s), minor, honors program(s),

concentration, or certificate program, found in the 2014-2016 Undergraduate Catalog,

with your department or program’s Faculty Curriculum Committee. If your faculty

committee agrees upon and recommends changes to the existing catalog requirements,

please note the date the changes were approved and the members of the

committee who participated in the vote.

2. Prepare Catalog copy: copy your sections from the attached 2014-2016

Undergraduate Catalog

a. Create a Word document for each major/program. A major and its respective

honors program may be submitted on the same document.

o Please NAME your document so that it can be easily identified as a

catalog change for your department. The following format is preferred:

e.g.,ANS 2016-18; ANS-DH 2016-18; ANS minor 2014-16

b. Modify the existing catalog text using legislative style.


• Adding text:

o Underline all text added to the original copy, including punctuation.

o Insert text at the appropriate location within the existing catalog text

• Deleting text:

o Enclose phrases/words/sections to be deleted in brackets

o Use the strikethrough command to draw a single line through the

deletion within the brackets. The strikethrough command can be

found on your Formatting Palette in Word under Font and is

characterized by the symbol ABC.

o Do not underline information to be deleted.

3. Impact Statement form: “Proposed Changes to Degree Programs in the

Undergraduate Catalog or Law School Catalog”: A completed Impact Statement

form that includes key elements of the proposed legislation is required.

• All questions must be answered; incomplete forms will be returned to you

• The rationale for the change(s) must be thoroughly explained

• Must include the date approved by your faculty

Finally, forward all completed documents electronically to John St. Lawrence, College of Liberal Arts, Academic Affairs, John can be reached by email, or at 512-232-5922, should you need assistance.  Please note: All course inventory inquiries should be directed to Lisa Vera,