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Assistant Instructors

Photo of Joshua Kopin

Joshua Kopin

Doctoral Student

Interests: 20th century cultural history, comics studies, affect studies, popular cultural studies, American religious history, political art, historiography, fame, men's style, writing pedagogy

Caroline Pinkston

Doctoral Student

Interests: history of education, schools & community identity, collective memory & history, textbook studies, memorials & memorializing, education & curricular philosophy

Photo of Emily Roehl

Emily Roehl

Doctoral Student

Interests: environmental humanities, oil culture studies, performance studies, visual anthropology

Photo of Edwin Whitewolf

Edwin Whitewolf

Doctoral Student

Interests: Cinema Studies and Media Studies, Native American Studies, Museum Studies, Critical Race Theory, Pop Culture and Spectacle, National Memory, 19th Century American History

PhD Candidacy

Photo of Carrie Andersen

Carrie Andersen

Doctoral Student

Interests: war and violence, game studies, technology and culture, political theory, American conservatism, post-1945 US culture and history, public scholarship, digital humanities

Christine Capetola

Doctoral Student

Interests: queer theory, black studies, gender studies, performance studies, sound studies, affect theory, disco, house, 80's pop, contemporary synthpop

Andrew Gansky

Doctoral Student

Interests: Educational history, critical pedagogy, history of technology, race and gender studies, surveillance, digital humanities, cybernetics

Photo of B. Duncan Moench

B. Duncan Moench

Doctoral Student

Interests: American politics and intellectual history. Louis Hartz and the comparativist historical approach

Robert Oxford

Doctoral Student

Interests: South Texas Fracking communities, labor cultures, ehtnography, eco-critisism, 21st century American nationalism, petrol-politics, neoliberalism, cultural geography

Elissa Underwood

Doctoral Student

Interests: critical prison studies, food studies, surveillance studies, critical race theory, urban studies

Photo of Natalie Zelt

Natalie Zelt

Doctoral Student

Interests: contemporary art of the United States, photography and its histories, critical race and gender studies, American cultural history, visual culture studies, material culture studies, curatorial practice

PhD Students

Anneleise Azua

Doctoral Student

Interests: Latin and Latin American history, Mexican folklore, media studies, and traditional healing

Photo of Zoya Brumberg

Zoya Brumberg

Doctoral Student

Interests: The American west, migration, historiography, myth-making, public space, historic and environmental preservation practices, travel memoirs, landscapes as literary characters, 1960s-70s foraging and DIY guides, road trip movies, natural history museums, communicating on these topics heuristically

Photo of Caroline Johnson

Caroline Johnson

Doctoral Student

Interests: Images and visual culture, popular culture, comics and political cartoons, youth culture, consumer history, speech play and verbal art, gender theory

Photo of Kerry Knerr

Kerry Knerr

Doctoral Student

Interests: Food studies, cocktail culture, economic history and geography, the erotics of consumption, representations of cannibalism, and affect and embodiment

Anna Lyon

Doctoral Student

Interests: Materialist Feminism, Marxist theory, queer studies, U.S. women's cultural history, 20th century cultural history, critical race studies

MA Students

Nick Bloom

Masters Student

Christine Castro

Masters Student

Interests: Chican@ Studies, Social Epistemology, Agricultural Labor & Immigrant history in California, Violence & incarceration in rural spaces, Collective memory

Katherine Grover

Masters Student

Interests: 20th century cultural history, gender studies, feminist movements and practice, pop culture, American musical cultures, women in rock, performance studies, media studies, the 1990s and the new millennium, reality television, celebrity in the age of new media.