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‘The Men Who Ruled Palestine’

Bernard Wasserstein

Fri, April 4, 2014 | Tom Lea Rooms, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center 3.206

2:45 PM - 4:30 PM

Seven men ruled Palestine as High Commissioner under the British mandate between 1920 and 1948. Who were they and what was their relationship with their overseers in Whitehall and Westminster? How did they see themselves and how were they viewed by those they governed? What was their role in the blood-soaked politics of the mandate? Over the years the personality of each of the High Commissioners has acquired a waxwork-like rigidity. Bernard Wasserstein will reanimate the waxworks, challenge some common historical perceptions of the High Commissioners, and reassess their function in the fraught and rancorous history of the mandate.

Sponsored by: Faculty Seminar on British Studies

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