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Photo of Philippa Levine

Philippa Levine

Co-Director of British Studies; Mary Helen Thompson Centennial Professor in the Humanities |
512-232-1236 |
HRC 3.202

Education: D.Phil., 1984, Oxford University (St. Antony's College)

Photo of Wm. Roger Louis

Wm. Roger Louis

Director of British Studies; Kerr Chair in English History and Culture and Distinguished Teaching Professor |
512-471-9274 |
HRC 3.202

Education: D.Phil., 1962, and D.Litt., 1979, Oxford University

Interests: History of the British Empire and Commonwealth, the Middle East, India, and end of empires

Assistant Professors

Photo of James M. Vaughn

James M. Vaughn

Assistant Director of British Studies; Assistant Professor, History Department

Education: Ph.D., 2009, University of Chicago