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Aquila Conference on Combat Trauma and the Ancient Greeks

"Bob Dylan: Looking Foward By Looking Back" A ULS Panel Organized by Tom Palaima and Dave Junker

Palaima interview Aquila Our Warrior Chorus John Aielli on Eklektikos KUTx 98.9FM Austin on 3/20/17

WBUR Boston podcast PALAIMA Boston University Lecture 2/27/17: Personal Agency and the Big Switch 1962-1964: Thucydides, Bob Dylan, and Stanley Kubrick. 

Bob Dylan and England 

Thomas Palaima

The announcement of Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize award has drawn a wide a range of responses as everything else Dylan has done during his career over the past half century. In this post-Nobel talk, Tom Palaima will discuss Bob Dylan’s relationship with Britain, devoting attention to features of Dylan’s creative genius, the nature of his art, sources of his themes, and his ‘insights into the human condition’. Tom Palaima, a Macarthur Fellow (1985-1990), is the Robert M. Armstrong Centennial Professor of Classics, and Director of the Program in Aegean Scripts and Prehistory. For 25 years he has taught seminars on war and violence with the purpose of ‘seeing who we are as human beings and why we do what we do’. One of his courses in the Spring Semester 2017 is entitled ‘Bob Dylan’s Social-Historical Imagination’.

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"Word and Action: What effect expressions of thought, ideas, and values [about war] have on the lives we live." Talk given by Professor Thomas Palaima at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin Public Affairs Forum #1549 - 12/6/15. 

Peter Meineck's Colloquium Lecture 9-16-15 New Thoughts on Ancient Greek Theatre

This podcast was recorded from this event

National Hellenic Museum