Center of Mexican American Studies
Center of Mexican American Studies

CMAS Graduate Portfolio Plática: Carla García-Fernández

Fri, April 11, 2014 | Meeting Room 1.106, Student Activity Center (SAC), The University of Texas at Austin

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

"Deaf-Latina/o Critical Theory in Education: Multiple Identities and Experiences of Deaf Latina/o Students in a Residential School for the Deaf"

Residential schools for the Deaf are spaces where Deaf students develop strong senses of Deaf culture and Deaf identity, and where they learn to recognize systemic audism. This portfolio plática by Carla García-Fernández examines how Deaf-Latina/o high school students define their multiple identities and experiences.

Carla García-Fernández is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (Cultural Studies in Education) with a Graduate Portfolio in Mexican American Studies. Her dissertation supervisor is Luis Urrieta, Jr. Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

Sponsored by: Center for Mexican American Studies

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