Center of Mexican American Studies
Center of Mexican American Studies

Faculty Affiliate Status

Faculty at The University of Texas at Austin can be officially associated with the Center for Mexican American Studies (CMAS) under the "Faculty Affiliate" category.  We invite all tenure-track faculty at UT Austin to consider becoming an affiliate of CMAS.

Faculty affiliates include individuals who offer courses in Mexican American Studies and/or Latina/o Studies and/or pursue research in the field of Mexican American Studies and/or Latina/o Studies.  Faculty Affiliates also include individuals who have a scholarly or personal interest in the area of Mexican American Studies and/or Latina/o Studies.  Faculty Affiliates receive information on CMAS activities and programming throughout the year via the weekly "CMAS Announcements" and through other targeted e-mail announcements.  Faculty Affiliates are also eligible to serve on the CMAS Executive Committee.  The CMAS Executive Committee is the main governance body for the Center.

Faculty Affiliates are also granted courtesy appointments with CMAS and will be listed as having 0% FTE in Mexican American Studies.  Faculty Affiliates with a courtesy appointment will have both their department affiliation and CMAS affiliation listed in the University directory.  An important component of the zero-percent appointment is to have CMAS participate in faculty promotion review cases.  CMAS faculty affiliates with courtesy appointments may ask the CMAS Executive Committee and the Director of CMAS to participate in their promotion reviews for tenure.  The CMAS Executive Committee deals with tenure and promotion reviews for faculty with a zero-percent or greater appointment in CMAS.

Faculty who are interested in becoming an affiliate of CMAS should contact Alberto Gonzalez at (512) 475-6973 or Faculty must submit a current CV and brief statement of research and teaching interests in Mexican American Studies in support of the application.