The Economics Department

List of Previous Dissertations

Previous Dissertations, 1995-2015


Bhattacharjee, Swagata: "Essays on Dynamic Contracts: Allocation of Ambiguity and Delegation" (Maxwell Stinchcombe, supervisor)

Buchholz, Nicholas: "Essays on the Industrial Organization of the Taxi Industry," (Eugenio Miravete and Stephen Ryan, supervisors)

Cui, Can: "Essays on Public Finance and Health Economics," (Marika Cabral, supervisor)

Farber, Matthew: "Essays on the Education of Underserved Populations," (Leigh Linden, supervisor)

Li, Yumin: "Essays on Subsidies, Technology Diffusion and Returns to Education," (David Sibley, Varun Rai, and Haiqing Rai, supervisors)

Shao, Lei: "Exclusive Dealing in Two-Sided Markets: For Better or Worse?" (David Sibley and Abraham Wickelgren)

Thomas, Megan: "Three Essays on the Impact of Welfare Policies," (Leigh Linden)



Denning, Jeffrey: "Essays on the Economics of Higher Education" (Sandra Black, supervisor)

Ghosh, Neal: "Essays on Applied Economic Theory" (Thomas Wiseman, supervisor)

Hwang, Sunjoo: "Three Essays on Contract Theory and Applications" (Thomas Stinchcombe and Maxwell Stinchcombe, supervisors)

Klis, Anna: "Essays on Externalities and International Cooperation: A Game Theoretic Approach" (Maxwell Stinchcombe, supervisor)

Kuhn, Florian: "Essays on Topics in Business Cycle Macroeconomics with Heterogeneous Agents" (Matthias Kehrig and Olivier Coibion, supervisors)

Lu, Qian: "Essays on Skill Biased Technological Change and Human Capital" (Sandra Black, supervisor)

Polson, Chester: "Essays on the Economics of Education and Human Capital" (Sandra Black, supervisor)

Shao, Ruoyu: "Essays on Commercial Mortgage-Backed Security" (Haiqing Xu and John Griffin, supervisors)

Senturk, Rifat: "Essays in Applied Econometrics" (Stephen Trejo, supervisor)

Sperisen, Benjamin: "Essays on Reputation and Repeated Games" (Thomas Wiseman, supervisor)


Chacko, George: "Three Essays in Macroeconomics" (Matthias Kehrig, supervisor)

Hollenbeck, Brett: "Essays on Competition Under Asymmetric Information" (Eugenio Miravete, supervisor)

Krainin, Colin: "Commitment and Conflict" (Thomas Wiseman, supervisor)

Lhost, Jonathan: "Essays on Competition, Cooperation, and Market Structures" (David Sibley and Dale Stahl, supervisors)

Pechacek, Julie: "Essays on Education, Inequality and Society" (Sandra Black, supervisor)

Petre, Melinda: "Essays on the Impact of Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills on Labor Market Outcomes: (Sandra Black, supervisor)

Roderick, Thomas: "Essays on Regulatory Impact in Electricity and Internt Markets" (Stephen Ryan, supervisor)

Shoukry, George: "Essays on Mechanism Design, Safety, and Crime" (Jason Abrevaya and Maxwell Stinchcombe, supervisors)

Taneva, Ina: "Essays on Information and Mechanicsm Design" (Laurent Mathevet and Thomas Wiseman, supervisors)


Chiang, Piin-hueih: "Essays on Timing and Identification in a Duopoloy" (Svetlana Boyarchenko, supervisor)

Dehghani Firouzabadi, Mohammad: "Essays on Real Options and Strategic Interactions" (Svetlana Boyarchenko, supervisor)

Dillender, Marcus: "Essays on Health Insurance and the Family" (Sandra Black, supervisor)

Dur, Umut: "Essays on Real Life Allocation Problems" (Thomas Wiseman, supervisor)

Kabukcuoglu, Ayse: "Essays on Fiscal and Monetary Policy in Open Economics" (Andrew Glover, supervisor)

Rahmati, Mohammad: "Three Essays on Industrial Organization and International Finance" (David Sibley and Dean Corbae, supervisors)

Roeder, Oliver: "Essays on Political Competition" (Thomas Wiseman, supervisor)

Rosokha, Yaroslav: "Three Experiments on Decision-Making Under Uncertainty in Dynamic Environments" (Dale Stahl, supervisor)

Shi, Zhan: "Three Essays on Adoption in Social Networks" (Andrew Whinston, supervisor)

Taskin, Ahmet: "Essays on Housing and Family Economics" (Jason Abrevaya and Andrew Glover, supervisors

Von Bose, Caroline: "The Economics of Beautification and Beauty" (Thomas Wiseman, supervisor)

Wikle, Jocelyn: "Essays on Income Taxes and Household Production" (Daniel Hamermesh, supervisor)

Yousefi, Kowsar: "Three Essays in Health Economics and International Trade" (Jason Abrevaya and Bernard Black, supervisors)


Barro, Jorge: "Essays on the Optimal State and Federal Financing of Public Goods" (Richard Dusansky, supervisor)

Dehghani Firouzabadi, Mohammad:"Essays on Real Options and Strategic Interactions" (Svetlana Boyarchenko, supervisor)

Dumav, Martin: "Essays in Economic Dynamics and Uncertainty" (Maxwell Stinchcombe and Dean Corbae, supervisors)

Lee, Seungrae: "Three Essays on International Trade" (David Kendrick and Dean Corbae, supervisors)

Macdonell, Scott: "Strategic Political Environments: Gerrymandering and Campaign Expenditures" (Thomas Wiseman, supervisor)

Majlesi, Kaveh: "Three Essays on Trade and Investment in Children in Developing Countries" (Sandra Black, supervisor)

Mulligan, Karen: "Essays in Health Economics" (Jason Abrevaya, supervisor)

Rahmati, Mohammad: "Three Essays on Industrial Organization and International Finance" (David Sibley and Dean Corbae, supervisors)

Shi, Zhan: "Three Essays on Adoption in Social Networks" (Andrew Whinston, chairman)

Wilson, Michael Scott: "Individuals' Decisions and Group Behavior in Financial Economics" (Svetlana Boyarchenko, supervisor)

Yousefi, Kowsar: "Three Essays on Health Economics and International Trade" (Jason Abrevaya and Bernard Black, supervisors)

Zebian, Firas: "Essays on Public Finance" (Richard Dusansky, supervisor)


Chen, Tzu-Ying Daphne: "Essays of Credit Market Behavior and Bankruptcy" (Dean Corbae, supervisor)

Dardati, Evangelina: "Essays on Environmental Regulations and Firm Dynamics" (Dean Corbae, supervisor)

Fu, Rao: "Essays on Multi-Item Auctions" Theoretical and Empirical Investigation" (Kenneth Hendricks and David Sibley)

Ikizler, Devrim: "Essays on Monetary Macroeconomics and Central Banking" (Maxwell Stinchcombe and Dean Corbae, supervisors)

Kaufman, Noah: "Essays on the Optimal Policy Response to Climate Change" (Thomas Wiseman, supervisor)

Khan, Urmee: "Essays in Economic Design: Information, Markets and Dynamics" (Maxwell Stinchcombe and Takashi Hayashi, supervisors)

Kim, Inkyung: "Three Essays on the Korean Labor Market" (Stephen Trejo, supervisor)

Komonpaisarn, Touchanun: "Three Essays in Health Economics" (Richard Dusansky, supervisor)

Kretschman, Kyle: "Designing Structural Elections Models for New Policy Analysis" (Jason Abrevaya and Richard Dusansky, supervisors)

Lin, Ning: "Essays on Energy Economics Research" (David Sibley, supervisor)

Liu, Yizao: "Essays on Fuel Efficiency and Vehicle Demand Dynamics" (Eugenio Miravete, supervisor)

Monti, Holly: "Essays on Environmental and Public Economics" (Daniel Hamermesh and Roberton Williams, supervisors)

Shen, Shu: "Three Essays in Econometrics" (Stephen Donald, supervisor)

Tang, Qianfeng: "Essays in Economic Theory" (Marci Peski, supervisor)

Yaman, Firat: "Essays on Migration and Labor in Germany" (Jason Abrevaya and Daniel Hamermesh, supervisors)


Cengiz, Gulfer: "Essays on International Trade and Intergenerational Human Capital Transmission" (Dean Corbae and Kripa Freitas, supervisors)

Chenevert, Rebecca: "Economic Decisions in the Financing and Timing of Higher Education" (Daniel Hamermesh, supervisor)

French, Scott: "Essays on International Trade" (Dean Corbae, supervisor)

Gheblealivand, Parviz: "Essays in Entry and Exit, Social Inefficiency and Commission Rates in Housing Market" (Kenneth Hendricks, supervisor)

Hsu, Yu-Chin: "Three Essays on Hypotheses Testing  Involving Inequality Constraints" (Stephen Donald, supervisor)

Mostashari, Shalah: "Trade Growth, the Extensive Margin, and Vertical Specialization: (Dean Corbae and Peter Debaere, supervisors)

Raei, Faezeh: "Essays on International Trade and Financial Development" (Dean Corbae, supervisor)


Aydemir, Resul: “Essays on Bundling and Low Cost Air Carrier Pricing” (David Sibley and Randal Watson, supervisors)

Briggs, Ronald: "Essays on the Economics of Indoor and Outdoor Environments" (Roberton Williams, supervisor)

Brown, Natalya: "Polarization, Candidacy and Advancement in Politics" (Maxwell Stinchcombe, supervisor)

Ferguson, Abigail: "Two Essays on Differentiated Products Markets and Competition Policy" (David Sibley and Thomas Wiseman, supervisors)

Gregoire, Scott: "Three Essays Concerning Religion and Domestic Behavior" (Daniel Hamermesh and Maxwell Stinchcombe, supervisors)

Guler, Bulent: "Essays on Housing and Labor Markets" (Dean Corbae and Muhammet Guvenen, supervisors)

Hulagu, Timur: "Essays on Monetary Economics" (Dean Corbae, supervisor)

Hwang, Sanghyun: "Three Essays in Public Finance and Environmental Economics" (Roberton Williams, supervisor)

Konno, Kazuki: "Essays in Dynamic Political Economics" (Dean Corbae and Marina Azzimonti Renzo, supervisors)

Li, Shaojin: Essays on Investment and Adverse Selection" (Russell Cooper, supervisor)

Lim, Jean: "Three Essays on the Economics of Time Use" (Daniel Hamermesh, supervisor)

Mastronardi, Nick: "Strategic Political Resource Allocation" (Kenneth Hendricks, supervisor)

Nagac, Abdulkadir: "Three Essays in Public Finance" (Roberton Williams, supervisor)

Oduncu, Arif: "Three Essays in Macroeconomics and Financial Economics" (Alfred Norman, supervisor)

Rodriguez-Zamora, Carolina: "Three Essays in Labor Economics and Public Finance" (Stephen Trejo, supervisor)

Sengul, Gonul: "Essays on Heterogeneity in Labor Markets" (Russell Cooper, supervisor)

Zhu, Guozhong: "Three Essays on Housing and Macroeconomics" (Russell Cooper, supervisor)


Ayar, Musa: “Essays on Mergers, Advertising, and Competitive Entry" (Ken Hendricks, supervisor)

Barnes, Stephen: "Three Essays in Health Economics" (Daniel Hamermesh and Daniel Slesnick, supervisors)

Bonaparte, Yosef: “Essays in Dynamic Household Finance with Heterogeneous Agents” (Russell Cooper, supervisor)

Crum, Conan: “Oil, Pollution, and Crime: Three Essays in Public Economics” (Don Fullerton, supervisor)

D’Erasmo, Pablo: “Essays in Dynamic Macroeconomics” (Dean Corbae, supervisor)

Debacker, Jason: “Essays on Dynamic Political Economy” (Russell Cooper and Roberton Williams, supervisors)

Du, Yingjuan: "Bargaining, Searching, and Price Dispersion in Consumption Good Markets" (Dale Stahl, supervisor)

Evans, Richard: “Three Essays on Openness, International Pricing, and Optimal Monetary Policy” (Russell Cooper)

Gevrek, Deniz: “Incentives in Education and Marriage” (Daniel Hamermesh, supervisor)

Gouri Suresh, Shyam: “Three Essays on Cross-Border Movements” (Dean Corbae, supervisor)

Jones, Timothy: “Essays on Money, Inflation, and Asset Prices” (Russell Cooper, supervisor)

Liu, Jing: "Incomes and Outcomes: The Dynamic Interaction of the Marriage Market and the Labor Market" (Russell Cooper, supervisor)

Mishra, Shreemoy: “Essays on the Role of Institutions with Persistent Asymmetric Information and Imperfect Commitment” (Ken Hendricks and Thomas Wiseman, supervisors)

Neziroglu Cidav, Zuleyha: "Empirical Essays on Health Care for Children and Families" (Richard Dusansky, supervisor)

Paik, Myungho: “Gender Differences in Demography and Labor Markets” (Daniel Hamermesh, supervisor)

Raynor, Katie: "Three Essays on Educational Success" (Daniel Hamermesh and Daniel Slesnick, supervisors)

Rendall, Michelle: “The Evolution of Women’s Choices in the Macroeconomy” (Russell Cooper and Muhammet Guvenen, supervisors)

Yan, Ping: "Essays on Search Intensity and Health Shock-Induced Poverty in Rural China" (Russell Cooper)

Yurko, Anna: “Heterogeneous Consumers: How the Demand Affects Outcomes in Vertically Differentiated Markets” (Russell Cooper and Ken Hendricks, supervisors)


Cakirer, Kerem: “An Equilibrium Theory of Organizational Firms: A Complementary Market Analysis” (Maxwell Stinchcombe and David Sibley, supervisors)

Cao, Shutao: “Three Essays on Capital Adjustment, Reallocation and Aggregate Productivity” (Russell Cooper and Dean Corbae, supervisors)

Eldridge, Damien: “Essays in Microeconomic Theory” (Maxwell Stinchcombe, supervisor)

Han, Xiaoshu: “Dynamics of Health and Employment: Theory, Evidence, and Policy Implications” (Russell Cooper, supervisor)

Heutel, Garth: “Three Essays in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics” (Don Fullerton and Dean Corbae, supervisors)

Hong, Inkee: “Three Essays on Taxation, Environment, and Welfare” (Don Fullerton, supervisor)

Kahn, Barry: “The Role of Fixed Factors in Multi-Sector Neoclassical Growth Models” (Dean Corbae and Kim Ruhl, supervisors)

Koch, Thomas: “Three Essays in Insurance Choice” (Daniel Hamermesh and Russell Cooper, supervisors)

Lin, Dan: “The Exploration of Role Market in Perishable Goods” (Andrew Whinston, supervisor)

Liu, An-Shih: “Three Essays on Empirical Studies of Consumer Behavior” (Kenneth Hendricks and Randal Watson, supervisors)

Nezami Narajabad, Borghan: “Essays on Dynamic Markets with Heterogeneous Agents” (Dean Corbae and Russell Cooper, supervisors)

Nguyen, Thang Quang: “Quality Innovation: Driving Forces and Implications for Production, Trade and Consumption” (Russell Cooper, supervisor)

Steele, Jennifer: “Essays on Incomplete Information in Economic Development”

Stuntz, Lori: “Essays on Taxation” (Don Fullerton, supervisor)

Tran, Du Vinh: “Three Essays in Industrial Organization” (David Sibley, supervisor)


Dunn, Abraham: “Three Essays in Empirical Industrial Organization” (Kenneth Hendricks, supervisor)

Han, Jae Joon: “Essays on Rational Behavior in Incomplete Information” (Maxwell Stinchcombe and Andrew Whinston, supervisors)

Juarez, Laura: “Three Essays on Social Policy and the Labor Market: Learning from Mexico” (Stephen Trejo, supervisor)

Mazumder, Diya: “Essays in Vehicle Emission Policies” (Don Fullerton, supervisor)

Pocock, Mark: “Three Essays on the Household: Time, Money, and Future Time and Money” (Daniel Hamermesh and Daniel Slesnick, supervisors)

Spivey, Christy: “Marriage, Career, and the City: Three Essays in Applied Microeconomics” (Daniel Hamermesh and Stephen Trejo, supervisors)

Tan, Jijun: “Essays on Economics of Taxation” (Don Fullerton, supervisor)

Tasci, Murat: “Business Cycles and Labor Market Reallocation” (Dean Corbae, supervisor)

Vargas, Andres: “The Labor Market Impacts of Social Security Contributions: Lessons from Colombia” (Stephen Trejo, supervisor)

Wendling, Brett: “Three Essays in Health Economics” (Daniel Slesnick, supervisor)

Yang, Xiaolou: “Essays in Financial Propoganda and Corporate Inventory Investment” (Russell Cooper, supervisor)


Brennan, William: “Airline Pricing and Capacity Behavior” (Preston McAffee and Maxwell Stinchcombe, supervisors)

Camacho Gutierrez, Pablo: “Essays on Mexican Fiscal Federalism: A Positive Analysis” (Dale Stahl, supervisor)

Carbonneau, Shane: “Three Essays on Competition and Market Power in Directional Hub and Spoke Networks: (Ken Hendricks, supervisor)

Dickson, Lisa: “Three Essays on Human Capital” (Daniel Hamermesh and Stephen Trejo, supervisors)

Hasanov, Fuad: “Residential Housing, Household Portfolio, and Intertemporal Elasticity of Substitution” (Douglas Dacy, supervisor)

Gatica Arreola, Leonardo: “Essays on the Political Economy of Clentelism and Government Performance” (Melvin Hinich, supervisor)

Ghwee, Justen: “Essays on Intermediation, the Payments System and Monetary Policy Implementation” (Beatrix Paal and David Kendrick, supervisors)

Gong, Guan: “Mortality, Education, and Bequest” (Russell Cooper and Li Gan, supervisors)

Li, Dong: “Essays on International Financial Markets” (Li Gan, supervisor)

Li, Shuyun: “Essays on the Macroeconomic Implications of Financial Frictions” (Russell Cooper and Dean Corbae, supervisors)

Lubrano, John: “The Microeconomic Behavior of Professional Sports Arenas” (Fred Norman, supervisor)

Myers, Caitlin Knowles: “Inequality in Housing and Labor Markets: Three Essays” (Daniel Hamermesh and Paul Wilson, supervisors)


Arana, Mario: “Macroeconomic Adjustment and Poverty: The Case of Nicaragua, 1980-1990” (William Glade, supervisor)

Dressler, Scott: “Essays in Financial Intermediation, Monetary Policy, and Macroeconomic Activity” (Dean Corbae, supervisor)

Golla, Anne: “Household Structure and Economic Outcomes: Time Use, Employment, and Educational Outcomes” (Daniel Hamermesh, supervisor)

Konda, Laura: “The Effects of an Airport Relocation on Property Values: A Noxious Sting or Community Development” (Don Fullerton, supervisor)

Lee, Jae-Young: “Three Essays on Bill-and-Keep Payment Mechanisms Between Communication Networks” (David Sibley, supervisor)

Lee, Jungmin: “The Economics of Family and Group Decisions” (Daniel Hamermesh, supervisor)

Lin, Shih-Chang: “Three Essays on Econometrics” (Stephen Donald, supervisor)

Mialon, Hugo: “Three Essays in the Economics of Law and Language” (Maxwell Stinchcombe and Preston McAfee, supervisors)

Prisinzano, Richard: “Employment Relationships Over Time: Retention and Promotion” (Gerald Oettinger, supervisor)

Rathbun, Douglas: “The Role of Economic Incentives in the Development of Legal Doctrine” (David Sibley, supervisor)

Rodriguez, Arnulfo: “Essays on Inflation Forecast Based Rules, Robust Policies and Sovereign Debt” (David Kendrick, supervisor)

Saunders, Drew: “Three Essays on Financial Macroeconomics” (Dean Corbae, supervisor)

Seo, Eunsook: “Short-Term Debts and International Banking Crises” (Russell Cooper and Beatrix Paal, supervisors)

Velamuri Rao, Malathi, “Health Insurance, Employment-Sector Choices and Job Attachment Patterns of Men and Women” (Daniel Hamermesh, supervisor)

Vernon, Victoria Konstantinova, “Household Economies of Scale, Food Consumption and Intra-Household Allocation of Time” (Li Gan, supervisor)

Zimmerman, Elaine: “Three Essays on the Economics of Education in Texas” (Daniel Hamermesh, supervisor)


Brown, James Bradley: “Three Essays on Environmental Economics” (Peter Wilcoxen, supervisor)

Cariappa, Cheeyakapuvanda: “The Unruly Masses in the Development of Economic Thought” (Harry Cleaver, supervisor)

Chang, Peter Hsiao-Pen: “Topics in Money and Banking” (Scott Freeman, supervisor)

Fawcett, Allen: “Intertemporal Modeling: Computable General Equilibrium and Environment Applications” (Peter Wilcoxen, supervisor)

Fontenla, Matias: “Financial Crises in Developing Countries” (Dean Corbae, supervisor)

Gonzalez, Fidel: “Essays on Environmental Regulation and Robust Control” (Rob Williams, supervisor)

Kim, Seung Rae: “Essays on Interactions between Environmental and Fiscal Policies: Analytical and Numerical General Equilibrium Analysis” (Don Fullerton, supervisor)

Palifka, Bonnie: “The Effects of Study Abroad and Personality on Employment and Earnings in Mexico: (Daniel Hamermesh, supervisor)

Tsao, Tsu-Yu: “Essays on Female Labor Supply and Fertility Responses to Marital Dissolution” (Daniel Hamermesh, supervisor)

Tuladhar, Suganda: “Confidence Intervals for Computable General Equilibrium Models” (Peter Wilcoxen, supervisor)

Yang, Xiaojun: “Essays on Income Inequality, Exchange Rate, and Policy Coordination” (David Kendrick, supervisor)


Bonilla, Claudio: “Essays on Formal Political Economy” (Melvin Hinich, supervisor)

Campari, Joao: “The Economics of Deforestation in the Amazon” (Peter Wilcoxen, supervisor)

Ecer, Sencer: “Three Essays in Industrial Organization” (Preston McAfee, supervisor)

Harrison, Teresa: “Three Essays on Hospital Competition” (Paul Wilson, supervisor)

Hernandez-Verme, Paula: “Essays on Exchange Rate Regimes and International Financial Crisis” (Bruce Smith, supervisor)

Hwang, Sue Jeong: “Essays on Efficient Regulation and Industry Policy” (David Sibley, supervisor)

Kim, Hyun Jong: “Three Essays on Oligopoly and Financial Structure” (Preston McAfee and David Sibley, supervisors)

Kumazawa, Risa Moosa: “Essays on Behavioral Responses to Welfare Generosity” (Stephen Bronars, supervisor)

Lee, Taekyu: “Capital Requirements, Output, and Optimal Policy Design” (Scott Freeman, supervisor)

Lich-Tyler, Stephen: “The Dynamics of Individual and Household Behavior” (Daniel Hamermesh, supervisor)

Lin, Lihui: “Essays on Contracts and Corporate Governance Structure in the Information Technology Industry” (Andrew Whinston)

Macey, William: “Litigation Costs and Economic Regulations” (Peter Wilcoxen, supervisor)

Rai, Dona: “Optimal Loan Programs in an Economy with Credit Market Frictions” (Bruce Smith, supervisor)

Ulker, Aydogan: “Social Welfare of Older Americans: Household Structure, Inequality, and Retirement” (Daniel Hamermesh, supervisor)

Yilmazer, Tansel: “Household Saving Behavior, Portfolio Choice and Children: Evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finances” (Daniel Slesnick, supervisor)

Yoo, Young: “The Potential Impacts of Global Climate Change on U.S. Agriculture” (Don Fullerton, supervisor)


Breedlove, Joseph: “Environmental Protection Agency Enforcement and Facility Pollution Control Device Selection” (David Kendrick, supervisor)

Gaynor, Daniel: “Essays on Pricing, Provison and Tying of System Components” (Preston McAfee, supervisor)

Gomis, Pedro: “Monetary Policy Volatility and the Banking System” (Bruce Smith, supervisor)

Gorney, Anne Ley: “Implementing a Multilateral Transitive Price Index” (Daniel Slesnick, supervisor)

Lyons, Angela: “Household Liquidity and Financial Innovations: Evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finances” (Daniel Slesnick, supervisor)

Mohr, Robert: “Environmental Policy and the Adoption of Technology” (Don Fullerton and Peter Wilcoxen, supervisors)

Somuano, Alejandro: “Three Essays on Monetary Integration” (Scott Freeman, supervisor)

Stivers, Andrew: “Essays on Strategies of Product Labeling” (Maxwell Stinchcombe and Preston McAfee, supervisors)


Drukker, David: “Neighborhood Effects on Social Mobility and Social Welfare” (Maxwell Stinchcombe, supervisor)

Fox, M. Blakely: “Minority Differences in Congressional Representation: Evidence from the U.S. House of Representatives” (Stephen Bronars, supervisor)

Hu, Xiaorui: “Three Essays on Auction, Retail Risk Management and Market Share Evaluation” (Andrew Whinston, supervisor)

Koch, Cagatay: “Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection in the Economics of Health Care” (Richard Dusansky and Maxwell Stinchcombe, supervisors)

Smith, Joel: “Studies on the Effect of Marital Status Changes Upon Life-Cycle Well-Being of Women and Children: (Daniel Slesnick, supervisor)

Watanabe, Satoko: “Women’s Struggle and Female Migration into Japan in the 1980’s-1990’s” (Harry Cleaver, supervisor)

Zoghi, Cynthia Erfanian: “Labor Markets in Higher Education” (Daniel Hamermesh, supervisor)


Agarwalla, Dipak: “Role of the Market Institutions in the Electric Utility Industry – A Post Deregulation Analysis” (David Sibley, supervisor)

Fonseca, Alejandro: “Macroeconomic Policy Coordination Between the U.S. and Mexico: A Control Theory Analysis” (David Kendrick, supervisor)

Glass, Thomas: “The Value of Social Security Annuitization” (Don Fullerton, supervisor)

Haruvy, Ernan: “Modes in the Population Distribution of Beliefs” (Dale Stahl, supervisor)

Lai, Yu-Bong: “Essays on the Political Economy of Environmental Policy” (Don Fullerton, supervisor)

Li, Mingzhi: “Quality Uncertainty and Information Exchange on the Electronic Commerce Markets” (Dale Stahl and Andrew Whinston, supervisors)

Mathis, Mitchell: “Policy Design in an Imperfect World: Essays on the Management and Use of Open Access Renewable Natural Resources” (Peter Wilcoxen, supervisor)

Norris, Dave: “Public School Quality and Housing Values: An Empirical Analysis” (Daniel Slesnick, supervisor)

North, Charles: “The Effects on Contracting Behavior of Varying Remedies for Misrepresentations in Applications and for Wrongful Dismissal” (Dale Stahl, supervisor)

Paez, Pedro: “An Optimal Control Framework for Alternative Economic Policies in Ecuador” (David Kendrick, supervisor)

Rie, Jaeryong: “Post-Communist Polish Economic Reform: A Class Analysis” (Harry Cleaver, supervisor)

Rodriguez Boetsch, Leopoldo: “A Political Reading of Neoliberalism and the Mexican Peso Crisis of 1994-1995” (Harry Cleaver, supervisor)

Sayre, Edward: “Labor Market Responses to External and Regional Shocks” (Daniel Hamermesh, supervisor)

Stockly, Sue: “Performance and Minority Students in Economics: An Econometric Evaluation of Supplemental Instruction” (Richard Dusansky, supervisor)

Trybula, David: “Three Essays on the Economics of Military Manpower” (Stephen Bronars and Daniel Hamermesh, supervisors)

Wennerlind, Carl: “The Historical Specificity of Scarcity: A Historal and Political Investigation” (Harry Cleaver, supervisor)

West, Sarah: “Public Finance Solutions to Vehicle Emissions Problems” (Don Fullerton, supervisor)

Wolverton, Maryann: “Essays in Environmental Economics” (Don Fullerton and Daniel Slesnick, supervisors)


Dabla Norris, Era: “Essays in Corruption, Income Inequality, and Growth” (Scott Freeman, supervisor)

Dewan, MD Abul: “Measuring Sustainable Development Problems and Prospects” (F. Tomasson Jannuzi and Subal Kumbhakar, supervisors)

Ghaleb, Joey: “The European Mediterannean Free Trade Agreement with Lebanon: Tariffs, Taxes and Welfare” (David Kendrick, supervisor)

Harrison, Mark: “The Bioeconomics of Altruism and Rivalry” (Stephen Magee, supervisor)

Lee, Myong Hwal: “Computational Analysis of Optimal Macroeconomic Policy Design” (David Kendrick, supervisor)

Nayyar, Ashish: “Contributions to Equilibrium Price Dispersion Theory” (Preston McAfee, supervisor)

Srinivasan, Sayee: “Electronic Trading of Portfolios – A Study” (Andrew Whinston, supervisor)

Yu, Jinkeun: “Essays on Collusive Behavior in Auctions” (David Sibley, supervisor)


Coronado, Julia: “Behavioral Responses to Social Security Privatization: Evidence from the Chilean Reform” (Daniel Slesnick, supervisor)

Desjardins, Pierre-Marcel: “Trade Liberalization and Subnational Regions: With Evidence from Atlantic Canada” (Niles Hansen, supervisor)

Gan, Loo Geok Lydia: “Equilibrium Risk Sharing in the Natural Gas Industry” (David Sibley, supervisor)

Hofer, Tracy: “The Effects of Political Division on Country Welfare and the Ability to Sustain Free Trade” (Dale Stahl, supervisor)

Hunnicutt, Lynn: “Information and Decision Making in the Multi-Plant Firm” (Preston McAfee, supervisor)

Inchauste Comboni, Maria Gabriela: “Education, Labor Supply, and Household Expenditure in Bolivia” (Daniel Slesnick and Daniel Hamermesh, supervisors)

Lee, Chan-Young: “The U.S. Market for Lawyers: Cross-Sectional Estimates of Demand and Supply” (Stephen Magee, supervisor)

McKeon, Charles: “Toward a More Realistic Concept of Economic Development” (F. Tomasson Jannuzi and Daniel Morgan, supervisors)

Mercado, Pedro Ruben: “Essays in Applied Macroeconomics, Computational and Econometric Models for Latin American Countries” (David Kendrick, supervisor)

Mueller, Richard: “Essays on the Canadian Labour Market” (Daniel Hamermesh, supervisor)

Palazzini, Karen: “Women’s Work in Lauro De Freitas, Bahai, Brazil: Marginalization or Autonomous Development?” (Harry Cleaver, supervisor)

Park, Hyung Jin: “A Control Theory Analysis of Macroeconomic Policy Coordination by the U.S., Japan and Korea” (David Kendrick, supervisor)

Sadler, Michael: “Essays in Risk-Taking, Poverty and Growth” (Scott Freeman, supervisor)

Sheu, Bih-Jau: “Regulatory Mechanism Design with Externality” (David Sibley, supervisor)

Shih, Pai-Ta: “Computational Analysis of Macroeconomic Policies on Income Inequality, Growth, and Intellectual Property Rights” (David Kendrick, supervisor)

Wammack, Byrt: “Between Deleuze and Chaac: Bodies, Space, and Power” (Harry Cleaver, supervisor)

Yoo, Kwang-Yeol: “Empirical Essays on Applied Rent Seeking” (Stephen Magee, supervisor)


Choi, Soon-Yong: “Optimal Quality Choices: Product Selection in Cable Television” (David Kendrick, supervisor)

Cutting, Samuel: “Bilateral Trade Wars and Multilateral Institutions” (Gordon Hanson, supervisor)

De Pillis, Mario: “Credit Rationing and Imperfect Information in the Financial Markets” (Preston McAfee, supervisor)

Galbraith, Christopher: “Old Houses Never Die: Assessing the Effectiveness of Filtering as an Low-Income Housing Policy” (Paul Wilson, supervisor)

Hong, Dong-Pyo: “Economic Growth and Fluctuations with the Endogenous Length of Business Cycles” (Scott Freeman, supervisor)

Hwang, Won-Gyu: “Uneven Economic Integration and Regional Growth: A Perspective of Developing Economies” (Niles Hansen, supervisor)

Lee, Hak-Loh: “The Effect of the Industrial Structure on Trade Policy: A Game-Theoretic Model and Empirical Tests Applied to National Economy and to Economic Integration” (Stephen Magee, supervisor)

Lee, In Kwon: “Strategic Bidding Behavior and Cyclical Properties of Price-Cost Margins: Empirical Tests of Game-Theoretic Predictions” (David Sibley, supervisor)

Marble, Sanford: “The Gains to Trade, Rationalizability, and Credible Proposals in Coordination Games” (David Sibley, supervisor)

Park, Kwangsoo: “The Wage Inequality and Competence Theory of Comparative Advantage” (Stephen Magee, supervisor)

Robertson, Raymond: “Labor Market Consequences of International Economic Integration” (Daniel Hamermesh, supervisor)

Ruiz de Castilla, Veronica: “Household Consumption and Public Policy in Peru” (Daniel Slesnick, supervisor)

Vigil, Hermann: “Institutions: An Inquiry into the Causes of Poverty of Nations. The Case of Costa Rica and Nicaragua” (William Glade, supervisor)


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