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Raul Ariza-Barile

Ph.D. Candidate

Interests: Medieval European Romance; Anglo-Norman Literature; Anglo-Iberian Contacts in the Middle Ages; Pre-Modern Theories of Fiction.

Courtney C Barajas

Ph.D. Candidate |
FAC 16

Interests: Travel, science, and medical writing in medieval England; medieval anthologies and manuscript culture; Anglo-Saxon literature and linguistics

Reid Echols

Ph.D. Candidate

Interests: Modern British Literature, Irish Poetry and Drama, Religion and Literature, Conflict Studies

Jessica Egan

Ph.D. Candidate

Interests: Contemporary LGBTQ and women's writing; 20th century British and Irish fiction; modernist literature; reception studies and queer fandom; archival theory.

Photo of Lindsey M Gay

Lindsey M Gay

Ph.D. Candidate |

Interests: Long eighteenth century, British Romanticism, women writers, gender, sexuality, science and literature, medicine and literature, class, social contract theory, family politics,

Photo of Lauren Marie Grewe

Lauren Marie Grewe

Ph.D. Candidate

Interests: American and Native American literature, with concentrations in nineteenth-century poetry and book history

Pax Gutierrez-Neal

PhD Candidate; UWC Assistant Program Coordinator |
PCL 2.330

Interests: Human Animal in Medieval Romance; Shapeshifting/Transhumanism in Medieval Literature; Folklore; Old Norse, Old and Middle English, Old and Middle French, etc; Animal Studies, Post/Transhumanism, Feminist Theory

Hannah Harrison

Ph.D. Candidate |
Parlin 404

Interests: Rhetorical history and theory, the rhetoric of social movements, rhetorical education, agrarian/rural studies, Southern studies, food studies

Photo of Zachary Ryan Hines

Zachary Ryan Hines

Ph.D. Candidate

Interests: Chaucer and Middle English literature; medieval manuscript culture; books and libraries; the English Middle Ages. Also, 'Quad'.

Steven LeMieux

Ph.D. Candidate

Interests: rhetorical theory, posthuman rhetorics, parasites

Rebecca Macmillan

Ph.D. Candidate

Interests: Contemporary Poetry and Poetics / Theories of the Archive / Photography and Visual Culture / Feminist and Affect Studies

Photo of Courtney A Massie

Courtney A Massie

Ph.D. Candidate |
FAC 16

Interests: Modern and contemporary drama; performance theory and criticism; violence, trauma, and the body; feminism; music and musicality.

Photo of Regina Marie Mills

Regina Marie Mills

PhD Candidate |

Interests: Latina/o Literature, US Immigrant Literature (particularly of the Central American diasporas), Literature of the African Diaspora, Human Rights, Refugee Studies

Alejandro Omidsalar

Ph.D. Candidate |
FAC 16

Interests: American literature (colonial to contemporary), the horror genre, religion, philosophy

Photo of Helene Grayce Remiszewska

Helene Grayce Remiszewska

Ph.D. Candidate

Interests: American literature, nineteenth-century literature, cultural studies, the supernatural, labor

Ryan Sharp

Graduate student

Valerie Sirenko

Ph.D. Candidate

Interests: American literature, literature and the law, object studies, cultural studies

Casey Lauren Sloan

Ph.D. Candidate

Interests: Women's and Gender Studies, Queer Studies, British Cultural Studies, Rise of the Novel, Gothic Genealogies, Fashion Studies

Photo of Jeremy Smyczek

Jeremy Smyczek

Ph.D. Candidate |

Photo of Dorrel T Spitzer-Hanks

Dorrel T Spitzer-Hanks

Ph.D. Candidate |

Interests: Gardening, Masonry and landscape design, Feminism, Music

Katharine A Stevenson

Ph.D. Candidate |
FAC 16

Interests: Modern British Literature, British Cultural Studies, Empire Writing, Queer Studies

Photo of Anne C Stewart

Anne C Stewart

Ph.D. Candidate |

Interests: 20th- and 21st-century American novel; race and ethnicity studies; material culture; environmental humanities

Photo of Sarah Sussman

Sarah Sussman

Ph.D. Candidate

Education: Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: 19th and early 20th-century American literature, the history of psychology, the history and philosophy of science, the history of the research university