Department of English

Job Placement

UT-Austin graduates fare well on the academic and “alt-ac” job markets. Recent graduates have secured positions in a wide range of colleges and universities, as well as in secondary schools, higher education and humanities administration, publishing, technology, consulting, development, among other fields.  Our placement rates are above the national average for Ph.D. programs. We attribute this success to the outstanding training our students receive as researchers, teachers, and administrators.

English Ph.D. Job Placements By Type

Fall 2010-Summer 2014

40% (31): Tenure track or full-time community college
20% (16): Non-tenure track or contingent
14% (11): Non-university business and non-profit
13% (10):  Academic Administration and Staff
8% (6): No reporting or uncategorized
5% (4):  Secondary Education


Placement Record: 2008-2015

UT Austin Guide to the Academic Job Search (requires UT EID)