The Department of French and Italian
Department of French and Italian

Recently staff of Services for Students with Disabilities asked students to nominate faculty and staff members they felt positively impacted and contributed to their academic endeavors. Our department is proud to recognize these staff members for all of their hard work. Thank you Anne McCreary, Elizabeth Mayne, and Joshua Griffiths for your efforts and dedication to all students at the University.

"Anne McCreary was very gracious and understanding. She never gave me a hard time for being late to class and was very helpful when I had to miss class or sit out. She encouraged me to pursue my goals and not let my health problems define me."

"Elizabeth was so helpful and understanding!"

"Josh has been a great help this semester in assuring all of my accommodations had been met. He is a great instructor of French."


Congratulations to Paola Bonifazio and Barbara Bullock! Both professors have been granted Faculty Research Assignments from the Office of Graduate Studies for the fall of 2017.

Congratulations to Douglas Biow and Cinzia Russi! Both Italian professors have been awarded College Research Fellowships by the College of Liberal Arts for the spring of 2018.

Congratulations to Nicholas Spinelli on his successful defense of his dissertation! French studies Ph.D. student, Nicholas Spinelli, successfully defended his dissertation, "Family Friendly: Homo-Affinity in the French Sentimental Novel, 1770-1850". Félicitations!

utCongratulations to Cinzia Russi on the publication of her new book, Current Trends in Historical Sociolinguistics. The volume calls attention to comtemporary trends and innovative developments in the discipline, as well as highlights current research on the relationship between historical linguistics and sociolinguistics.  

 In the Summer issue of the Quarterly Journal of Military History, Professor Guy Raffa published "Dante At Arms", a piece which connects Dante's own experiences in the Battle of Campaldino and the Siege of Camprona to his graphic and often brutal descriptions of sinners' punishments in Inferno. Dante fought on behalf on the Guelphs during their struggle against the Ghibellines for power in Florence, and Prof. Raffa unravels the depth of their impact as revealed in Dante's writing. 


Jan 25

Tavola Italiana

  7:30 PM
  Lucky's Puccia & Pizzeria

Jan 26


Feb 9


Feb 23

Cineforum Italiano: Diaz (Vicari, 2012)

  8:00 PM
  MEZ BO.306

David Birdsong,

Chair of French & Italian

David Birdsong,

The Department of French and Italian offers innovative instruction and research in literature, language, and linguistics, as well as in cultural and visual studies.

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