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Lecture: Dr. Dario Brancato Concordia University

Translating Auctores in the Renaissance: The First Printed Italian Boethius (1520)

Wed, February 24, 2010 | HRH 2.118 French and Italian Lounge

4:00 PM

This presentation will focus on Father Anselmo Tanzo's Di consolatione philosophica (1520), the first printed Italian translation of  Boethius's De consolatione Philosophiae. The  work originated in the Augustinian convent of Casoretto, Milan, an intellectual community strongly influenced by humanistic culture. Its production, therefore, raises a number of specific historical and hermeneutical issues that my lecture will explore: first, the readership of both source and target texts; second, the role of Boethius within the Latin canon, including the commentaries on the De consolatione; third, the translation techniques used by Tanzo; and fourth, the linguistic features of the target text, originally written in a Northern Italian vernacular and subsequently revised to make it closer to literary Tuscan.



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