The Department of French and Italian

Faculty and Graduate Student Colloquium

Wed, March 21, 2012 | HRH 2.118

5:00 PM

Faculty and Graduate Student Colloquium

Stephanie Russo

Evidence for Evidentiality in Romance

This paper examines the grammatical category of Evidentiality and the extent to which Romance encodes source of information in its grammar. I aim to clarify some of the debate surrounding whether Romance Tense-Aspect-Mood (TAM) fully developed an evidential category by examining evidential systems and evidential strategies in Romance, specifically in French and Romanian. 

Cinzia Russi

On the relationship between sentence-focus category, subject inversion  and genericity

This paper investigates if and/or to what extent Italian sentence-focus inverted constructions involving unaccusative verbs can instantiate generic sentences. The following hypotheses are evaluated: (a) sentence-focus inverted constructions are inherently incompatible with genericity due to pragmatics (i.e. generic sentences cannot be focal); (b) the compatibility between sentence-focus inverted constructions with unaccusatives and genericity depends on individual verbs. It is concluded that these three domains are not inherently incompatible; rather, their interaction depends on individual properties of the verb, as evinced by the fact that two-argument unaccusative verbs as servire ?be necessary? behave differently from one-argument unaccusatives (e.g., arrivare ?arrive?).

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