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FIGSO Working Papers Series

Martino Lovato and Ettore Marchetti to present

Fri, November 15, 2013 | HRH 2.118 (Lounge)

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

FIGSO Working Papers Series

Martino Lovato (Comparative Literature)

The Isthmus on a Polytheist Sea: Identity Performance and Historiographic Fabulation in A. Meddeb’s Phantasia.

Is there a Mediterranean literature? What is it, and how is it to be read? After an introduction to the method I employ for answering to these questions, I present how the notion of isthmus, as presented in the Medieval theosophy of  Ibn Arabi, informs A. Meddeb’s construction of the narrating ‘I’ in Phantasia (1986). This notion, I argue, makes the protagonist’s  flânerie through the streets of Paris a narrative travel between two shores of the Mediterranean, one through which the author addresses  a multilingual audience “with one face.


Ettore Marchetti (Italian Studies)

The Language of Contemporary Italian Cinema: Language Varieties in the New Italian Comedy

Since the day the first film was released in Italy, spoken language and cinema have always been tied.  Language was important also in mute films, since captions were used to summarize the most salient parts. Over the years the interest of cinema for the Italian language's internal differentiation, and for its crucial role in characterizing both the society and its metamorphosis, has constantly grown. I will be presenting the prospectus of my doctorate dissertation, which explores the way in which contemporary Italian cinema reflects and measures contemporary linguistic trends.

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