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French Linguistics

Tracey Adams

2016-2017 Walther Fellow |
HRH 4.102C

Education: B.A. in French, B.A. in Linguistics, University of Florida

Interests: Bilingualism, Language Contact, Sociolinguistics

Photo of Joshua Griffiths

Joshua Griffiths

Assistant Instructor |
512-471-7407 |
HRH 4.170

Education: M.A. in French Linguistics, UT Austin

Interests: Second Language Acquisition, Phonology, Cognitive Science

Photo of Karina High

Karina High

Assistant Instructor |
512-471-9618 |
HRH 4.148

Education: M. Phil. in Romance Studies; B.A. in Ancient History, University of Vienna, Austria

Interests: Comparative and Diachronic Romance Linguistics; Language Variation and Contact; Grammaticalization; Sociolinguistics.

Photo of Brendon Kaufman

Brendon Kaufman

Teaching Assistant |
HRH 4.144

Education: B.A. Mathematics, B.A. French, Hamilton College (NY)

Interests: Sociolinguistics, Language Attitudes and Ideology, Language Variation

James Law

Teaching Assistant |
512-471-9427 |
HRH 4.142

Interests: Second Language Acquisition, Phonetics, Historical Linguistics

Photo of Fanny Macé

Fanny Macé

Assistant Instructor |
HRH 4.110

Education: M.A, English and American Studies, Université François Rabelais (Tours, France)

Interests: Computer-Mediated Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Linguistic Anthropology

Photo of Elizabeth Mayne

Elizabeth Mayne

Assistant Instructor |
512-471-8458 |
HRH 4.128

Education: MA in French Linguistics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Interests: pragmatics, second language acquisition, memetics, semiotics, computer-mediated communication

Photo of Adam McBride

Adam McBride

2016-2017 Walther Fellow |
512-471-4398 |
HRH 4.124

Education: M.A. French Linguistics, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Phonology and phonetics of nasality, Socio-historical linguistics, language learning materials development

Photo of Rozen Neupane

Rozen Neupane

Assistant Instructor |
512-471-9636 |
HRH 4.150

Education: B.S. in Mathematics, West Liberty University

Interests: Computational linguistics, Québécois French, sociolinguistics, language contact

Photo of Caitlin O Neil

Caitlin O Neil

Assistant Instructor |
512-471-8964 |
HRH 4.114

Education: M.A. French, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Translation; language ideologies; historical linguistics

Marylise Rilliard

2016-2017 Walther Fellow

512-471-8771 |
HRH 4.102C

Photo of Stephanie Russo

Stephanie Russo

Graduate student |
512-495-4424 |

Education: MA in French Linguistics, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Endangered Romance dialects, Comparative Romance Linguistics, Contact Linguistics, Historical Linguistics

French Studies

Photo of Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

Assistant Instructor |
512-471-9082 |
HRH 4.130

Education: B.A. in French, Auburn University

Interests: Cathedrals in literature, medievalisms, architecture, historical restoration/patrimoine, secularization/laïcité

Amir Aziz

Teaching Assistant |
512-471-9967 |
HRH 4.168

Education: International Studies, French, Arabic, University of Mississippi

Interests: Francophone North African literature and cultural studies; Postcolonial theory; Feminist of color theory; Gender and sexuality; Race/ethnicity and social justice; Queer immigration and sexual politics; Performance and theater studies; Transnational feminist and queer movements

Photo of Andrea Blatz

Andrea Blatz

2016-2017 Walther Fellow |
HRH 4.102A

Education: B.A. in French and Linguistics, Colgate University

Interests: North Africa, Postcolonialism, 20th and 21st Century

Stephanie Brynes

Assistant Instructor |
512-471-5390 |
HRH 4.158

Education: M.A. in French Studies, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Great War literature, women's narratives, narratology, translation, open education and foreign language pedagogy, and 18th century philosophy.

Photo of Audrey Doussot

Audrey Doussot

2016-2017 Walther Fellow

Education: PhD in English studies, University of Burgundy, France

Interests: nineteenth century literature and art, text/image relationships, media studies, semiotics, narratology

Photo of Yasmina Fawaz

Yasmina Fawaz

Assistant Instructor |
516-471-9866 |
HRH 4.164

Education: MA French Literature, University of Georgia

Interests: African Francophone Literature, Race and Gender studies, Ecocriticism

Sarah Le Pichon

Teaching Assistant |
512-471-8906 |
HRH 4.112

Education: BA French and English, Lewis & Clark College

Interests: 19th century; Comparative/American Literature; gender studies

Photo of Maxence Leconte

Maxence Leconte

Assistant Instructor |
512-471-8540 |
HRH 4.134

Education: M.A in French Studies, The University of Texas at Austin, B.A in European History, Université Catholique de Lille.

Interests: Modernity, the Realist Novel, the City, Literary Geography and Urban Studies.

Photo of Valérie Masson

Valérie Masson

Assistant Instructor |
512 471 9865 |
HRH 4.162

Education: MA French Studies, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: 19th century literature and culture; the construction of a national identity; regional literature

Photo of Clémence Ozel

Clémence Ozel

2016-2017 Walther Fellow |
512-471-8805 |
HRH 4.104

Education: MA in French Studies, University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Sarah Lube Roe

Sarah Lube Roe

2016-2017 Walther Fellow |
512-495-4413 |
PCL 5.541

Education: M.A. in French Literature, University of Texas, Austin, Texas

Interests: 17th Century French Theater, French theater and adaptations across the centuries, Women and Gender Studies

Photo of Ryan Swankie

Ryan Swankie

2016-2017 Walther Fellow |
512-471-8566 |
HRH 4.136

Education: M.A. in French / Master en littérature et discours francophone, Arizona State University / Paris XII

Interests: Modern French Literature: Avant-garde Theater; Prose-poetry; Sadean Theory

Photo of Ashley Voeks

Ashley Voeks

2016-2017 Walther Fellow |
HRH 4.116

Education: M.A. in French Literature, Wayne State University

Interests: 16th-century French Literature and Culture; Renaissance and Reformation France; The French Wars of Religion; Martyrdom in Early Modern Europe

Amelia Wells

2016-2017 Walther Fellow

512-471-8682 |
HRH 4.102A

Photo of Jocelyn Wright

Jocelyn Wright

2016-2017 Walther Fellow |
512-471-9242 |
HRH 4.132

Education: PhD Candidate in French Studies, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Immigration, Banlieue, Representations of the Self, History and Memory, Francophone Literature, 20th & 21st Century Literature

Photo of Laetitia Zembski

Laetitia Zembski

Assistant Instructor |
(512) 471-8250 |
HRH 4.126

Education: M.A. Romance Languages-French Literature & Civilization / M.A. Spanish Literature, University of New Orleans

Interests: 19th Century Lit./ Courtesans in the French Culture and Arts / Women's Gender Studies/ National Identity/ Memoirs

Italian Studies

Photo of Robert Bucci

Robert Bucci

Assistant Instructor |
512-471-8628 |
HRH 4.154

Education: M.A. in Italian Literary and Cultural Studies, University of Connecticut

Interests: Dante, Medieval and Early Modern Italian Literature, Leopardi, Aesthetics, Relationship between Language and Power

Photo of Amanda Bush

Amanda Bush

Assistant Instructor |
512-495-6393 |
HRH 4.178

Education: MA Italian Studies- New York University, BA Italian Studies, English Literature- John Cabot University

Interests: 20th Century Literature, Post War Cinema, Southern Italy, Gender Studies, Dialects

Photo of Paola D'Amora

Paola D'Amora

Assistant Instructor |
512 475 6334 |
HRH 4.172

Education: PhD in Italian Studies, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Immaterial labor culture in Italy, white-collar workers, Italian comedy.

Vanessa Fanelli

OGS Recruitment Fellow |
512-471-9464 |
HRH 4.140

Education: Laurea Triennale, Università degli Studi di Milano

Photo of Elizabeth Florea

Elizabeth Florea

Graduate Student |
512-471-9308 |
HRH 4.138

Education: M.A. - Italian Studies, Middlebury College

Interests: Medieval and Italian Renaissance cultural history, women writers, travel literature and gender studies.

Samuel Gaglio

Teaching Assistant |
512-475-6438 |
HRH 4.156

Education: B.A. Italian Studies, B.A. Spanish & Portuguese Language & Culture, University of Colorado Boulder

Interests: Pedagogy

Photo of Altina Hoti

Altina Hoti

Ph.D. Candidate, Assistant Instructor |
401-924-4771 |
HRH 4.172

Education: Italian Studies, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Nineteenth-century nationalism and feminism in Italy and the Balkans; the writings of Dora D’Istria; Arbereshe literature; Catholic and Muslim religious orders and nineteenth -century Italian and Albanian nation-state formation; Ottoman literature; gender and science in early-modern Venice; Italian neorealist films; gender discourse and violence in 20th century film.

Photo of Stephanie Hotz

Stephanie Hotz

UGS Teaching Assistant |
512-465-6393 |
HRH 4.174

Education: M.A. Italian Studies, University of Texas - Austin

Interests: Postwar Cinema, Contemporary Italian Literature, Gender and Queer Theory, Popular Culture and Mass Media, Posthumanism and Biopolitics

Vera Schoepe

Teaching Assistant |
HRH 4.102A

Photo of Elisa Valentini

Elisa Valentini

Assistant Instructor |
512-475-6408 |
HRH 4.180

Education: Master of Arts in International Cooperation, Protection of Human Rights and Cultural Heritage in the Mediterranean Sea and Eurasia, Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna (Italy)

Interests: Early 20th century avant-garde, Italian Futurism, Futurist art and literature, early 20th century Italian cultural and scientific history

Photo of Patrick Vilim

Patrick Vilim

Assistant Instructor |
512-475-9461 |
HRH 4.182

Education: STB Theology, Università Gregoriana, Rome, ITALY, MA Italian Studies, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Medieval Italian cultural & religious history, Francis of Assisi, Boccaccio's Decameron, Italian cinema, Italian identity, and Italian nationalism

Einav Zamir

Teaching Assistant |
HRH 4.102C

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