Department of Geography and the Environment

Soils Laboratory

Manager: Francisco Perez

The Soils Laboratory is designed to support both field research and laboratory analysis of mineral and organic soils and sediments. The laboratory includes two separate rooms for soil processing and microscope/computer work, respectively. The soil processing room allows for the examination of a diverse array of physical and chemical soil properties, including coarse particle-size distribution by sieving, fine-particle fraction by hydrometer, organic matter content by dry combustion, soil moisture level by gravimetry, water-retention capacity by pressure plate chamber, PH by electrode, and content of different nutrients by colorimetry. The microscope/computer room allows for microscopic examination of soil structure and petrographic analysis of soil sections. The laboratory also includes a wide diversity of equipment for pedological field sampling, topographic surveying, and soil-profile characterization, as well as instructional equipment for environmental education.