Department of Geography and the Environment

Featured Graduate Student: Cody Schank

Fri, September 27, 2013
Featured Graduate Student: Cody Schank

We are happy to welcome Cody Schank to the Department of Geography and the Environment. 

Cody Schank joins us from New Haven, CT, and was recently working as a Researcher with Yale University, and a GIS and Geospatial Research Officer at Global Wildlife Conservation. He has a M.A. in Urban and Environmental Planning and a B.A. in Environmental Science and Astronomy from University of Virginia. He works on geographic information, especially related to biodiversity for surveys and conservation planning.

He will be supported by a Harrington Graduate Fellowship while he is here. His Ph.D. research interests include: Biogeography, Phylogeography, Systematic Conservation Planning, Species Distribution Modeling, Remote Sensing, and Tropical Ecosystems. For more information, please visit his Graduate Student profile


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