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Photo of Giorleny Altamirano Rayo

Giorleny Altamirano Rayo

Graduate student

Education: J.D., Law; LL.M., Law, Universidad Americana (Nicaragua); Vanderbilt University Law School

Interests: Human rights, ethnic politics, and territorial politics. Formal and informal institutions. Mixed-method research. Emphasis on cases in Latin America.

Photo of Joseph Amick

Joseph Amick

Graduate student

Education: BA in Political Studies, Pitzer College, MPA in International Public Policy, New York University

Interests: Political Economy, Political Methodology, Public Goods Provision, Public Policy

Photo of Caitlin Andrews

Caitlin Andrews

Graduate student

Education: B.A., History/Political Science, 2009, Colorado College

Interests: Comparative Politics, Latin America, Democratization, Political Culture, Institutional Development, Peronism

Photo of Brendan Apfeld

Brendan Apfeld

Graduate student

Education: B.A., Political Science, 2010; M.Ed., 2012, University of Notre Dame

Photo of Alec Arellano

Alec Arellano

Graduate student

alec.arellano88 [at] gmail [dot] com

Education: BA, Political Science, Colorado College

Interests: Tocqueville, Nietzsche, Claude Lefort, Democratic Theory, Classical Political Thought, Constitutional Law and Theory, Jurisprudence

Ingrid Ashida

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science, Carlton College

Interests: Theoretical foundations of liberalism, early modern political thought, classical political thought

Photo of Omar Awapara

Omar Awapara

PhD Candidate

Interests: Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Political Regimes and Institutions, Latin American Politics

Abraham Barranca

Graduate student

Education: BA, Government and Politics, University of Maryland, College Park

Interests: Democratic forms, social equity, minority inclusion, pluralism, social movements, constitutional theory, comparative constitutionalism and institutional design

Photo of Pedro M. Barros

Pedro M. Barros

Graduate student

Education: Master of Science (MSc), International Political Economy (Research), London School of Economics, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Economics - Quantitative Emphasis, University of Minnesota; Exchange Program, Harvard University

Interests: International and Comparative Political Economy in the Global South. International trade, foreign direct investment, foreign aid, and domestic institutions

Torben Behmer

Graduate student

Education: MA, International Economics, Georg- August University of Gottingen

Interests: International political economy, foreign direct investment, international trade, foreign aid

Photo of Thomas Bell

Thomas Bell

Graduate student

Education: BA, Trinity University (TX)

Interests: Public law, American Politics, Constitutional Theory, Separation of Powers, American Constitutional Development, American Political Thought, Tocqueville, and Religion and Politics

Photo of Zachary Bennett

Zachary Bennett

Graduate student |
Waggener 401A

Education: B.A., Political Science, Davidson College (2011)

Interests: Jean-Jacques Rousseau; Religion and Politics; the Question of Enlightenment; Classical and Modern Political Philosophy; Public Law

Photo of Christine Bird

Christine Bird

Graduate student

Education: JD, Oklahoma City University School of Law, BA, Political Science, University of Oklahoma

Interests: Law and Politics, Judicial Politics, Civil Rights, Women in Law and Politics, Human Rights, Nonprofit Organizations

Photo of Abby K Blass

Abby K Blass

Graduate student

Education: BA Political Science, University of Michigan

Interests: Judicial Politics, American Politics, Comparative Politics, Constitutional Law

Photo of Alex Branham

Alex Branham

Graduate student

Interests: Public Opinion, Political Behavior, Elections, Methodology

Photo of Clare Brock

Clare Brock

Graduate student

Education: MA, University of Texas

Interests: American Politics, Public Policy, Food and Agricultural Policy, Lobbying, Agenda Setting, Content Analysis, American Political Development

Photo of Lauren Brown

Lauren Brown

Graduate student |
Batts 1.118

Thomas Burt

Graduate student

Education: MA, Latin American Caribbean Studies, Columbia University

Interests: Transitions to democracy; democratic consolidation; social policy; authoritarianism; Latin America

Kai Yue "Theodore" Charm

Graduate student

Education: Master of Mathematics, Oxford University

Interests: Conservation for sustainable development, international relations of the Asia Pacific, capitalism and social justice, East Asian regional cooperation

Photo of Thomas Conroy

Thomas Conroy

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science and Psychology, University of Illinois, Urbana

Interests: Political institutions and political behavior

Photo of Alvaro Corral

Alvaro Corral

Graduate student |
Batts 1.118

Education: BA, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Latino Politics and Identity, Immigration Policy, Racial and Ethnic Politics in America, American Politics, Public Opinion, Political Participation, Religion and Race

Photo of Hillary Corwin

Hillary Corwin

Graduate student |
Batts 1.118

Education: MS, International Political Economy, The University of Texas at Dallas

Interests: Political Economy of Multinational Corporations, Economic Development; International Political Economy, Methodology

Michael Denly

Graduate student

Education: MA, Development Management and Policy (distinction), Georgetown

Interests: Anti-corruption; governance; clientelism; international development; Latin America; political economy

Photo of Rodolfo Disi Pavlic

Rodolfo Disi Pavlic

PhD Candidate

Education: B.A. Political Science (with honors); Italian, University of Notre Dame (2011)

Interests: Latin American Politics; Social Movements; Higher Education Policy; Latin American Political Parties; International Cooperation in Latin America

Photo of Jacob Dizard

Jacob Dizard

Graduate student

Education: BA, University of Wisconsin-Madison; MA, Johns Hopkins University

Interests: Comparative Politics, Public Law

Photo of Lindsay Dun

Lindsay Dun

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science, University of Notre Dame

Interests: Political behavior, elections, computational methods

Maraam Dwidar

Graduate student

Education: B.A., Political Science, University of California, Davis

Interests: Interest groups, lobbying coalitions, minority politics, bureaucratic politics, agenda setting

Alexander Dwyer

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science & Music, Southern Methodist University

Interests: The Middle East, ethnicity, separatism, democratization, language and society

Anne Egerstrom

Graduate student

Education: B.A, Political Science and Latin American Studies, Colorado College

Interests: Latin American politics, ethnic politics, migration

Photo of Rebecca Eissler

Rebecca Eissler

Graduate student

Education: B.A. in Political Science, Tulane University

Interests: American Politics, Political Institutions, Public Policy

Photo of Dana El Kurd

Dana El Kurd

Graduate student

Education: MA, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: authoritarianism and democracy, Arab world politics, international influences on regime development, repression, civil-military relations

Photo of Thomas Elliott

Thomas Elliott

Graduate student

Education: BA in Political Science and Spanish, Whittier College

Interests: Institutions, institutional change, labor regulation, political economy

E.J. Fagan

Graduate student

Photo of Rachel German

Rachel German

Graduate student

Education: BS, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Public Policy, American Politics

Michael Gibbs

Graduate student

Education: BA, Public and International Affairs, 2012, Princeton University

Interests: Authoritarianism, civil-military relations

Photo of Nadine Gibson

Nadine Gibson

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science, 2012, Virginia Tech ; BA, French Language and Literature, 2012, Virginia Tech

Interests: Political Behavior, Voting and Elections

Tara Ginnane

Graduate student

Education: LL.M, University of Chicago, BA Jurisprudence, University of Oxford

Interests: Constitutional theory, comparative constitutionalism, republican political theory

Photo of Iasmin Goes

Iasmin Goes

Graduate student

Education: B.A. Political Science and M.A. Latin American Studies, Freie Universität Berlin

Interests: Authoritarianism, inequality, fiscal policy and welfare

Photo of Kimberly Gouz Guiler

Kimberly Gouz Guiler

Graduate student

Education: M.A. in Social Sciences, The University of Chicago; B.A. in Political Science and B.S. in Journalism, The University of Florida

Interests: Middle East politics; voting behavior; Islamist movements; religion and politics; hybrid regimes; survey, experimental and quantitative methodologies

Benjamin Hardee

Graduate student

Education: BA; BS, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Public Law, Political Theory

Roman Hlatky

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science, Vassar College

Interests: European Union integration, former Soviet satellite states, minority politics

Photo of Alexander Hudson

Alexander Hudson

Graduate student

Education: BA, Pensacola Christian College; MA, University of Waterloo

Interests: Constitution-making processes; comparative study of constitutions; state building; e-democracy

Photo of Calla Hummel

Calla Hummel

Graduate student

Interests: international political economy, informal economies, collective action, repression, Brazil, Bolivia

Joanne D. Ibarra

Graduate student

Education: BA, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: American Politics, Methodology

Photo of Anthony Ives

Anthony Ives

Graduate student

Education: MA, University of Texas at Austin; M.Ed, Arizona State University; BA, Washington and Lee

Interests: American Political Development, Congress, The Founding, Early Modern Political Thought, American Political Thought, Political Thought of Frederick Douglass

Photo of Siyun Jiang

Siyun Jiang

Graduate student

Education: M.Phil Social Science, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Interests: Comparative politics, political economy, authoritarian regime

Photo of Stephen Joyce

Stephen Joyce

Graduate student

Education: M.Phil., Oxford University, St. Antony's College, M.A.L.A., St. John's College Graduate Institute, A.B., Middlebury College

Interests: Public Law, Comparative Politics, Latin America,

Photo of Jay Chieh Kao

Jay Chieh Kao

Graduate student

Education: B.A., National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Interests: Authoritarian Politics, Comparative Political Economy, Experimental Methods, Propaganda, Political Communication, Public Opinions, Chinese and Taiwanese Politics

Photo of Kristin Kelly

Kristin Kelly

Graduate student

Education: B.A. Political Science & Art History, University of California San Diego; M.A. Government, University of Texas

Interests: American Politics, Voting Behavior and Participation, Campaigns and Elections, Youth Politics, and Research Methods

Photo of Kyosuke Kikuta

Kyosuke Kikuta

Graduate student

Education: M.A. of Law, Hitotsubashi University, Japan

Interests: Civil War, Environmental Change, Research Design, GIS Analysis

Joshua Landry

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science, Transylvania University

Interests: International conflict/cooperation, international rivalry, ethnicity and conflict

Photo of Hans-Inge Lango

Hans-Inge Lango

Graduate student

Education: M.A. in International Relations, Boston University

Interests: International conflict, civil wars, war expansion, war delegation

Photo of Jonathan Lewallen

Jonathan Lewallen

Graduate student

Education: M.A. Government, University of Texas-Austin 2012, B.A. Political Science, Tulane University 2004

Interests: American political institutions; U.S. Congress; agenda setting; policy process; legislative-executive relations; time series cross-sectional data; event history analysis

Photo of Louise Liebeskind

Louise Liebeskind

Graduate student |
Bats 1.118

Education: PhD in Government, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Ancient and early modern political philosophy

Bradford Lovett

Graduate student

Education: Master of Arts, American Studies, Ghent University

Interests: American Political Development, presidential rhetoric, American foreign policy, securitization/critical IR theory

William Matthias

Graduate student

Photo of Zachary McGee

Zachary McGee

Graduate student

Education: B.S. Political Science, Towson University

Interests: U.S. Congress, political parties, policy process, agenda setting, social network analysis, elections

Jereny Mendoza

Graduate Student |

Education: B.A. Government & Interdisciplinary Studies, Eastern Washington University

Interests: American Politics, Public Policy, Latino Politics, Racial and Ethnic Politics in the U.S., Race and Representation, Immigration Policy

Photo of John Meyer

John Meyer

Graduate student

Interests: Social and Evolutionary Psychology; Political Ethology; Qualitative Methods and Multi-Method Research; Latin America and Texas; Political Violence; Political Theater and Playwrighting; Voices of War; Military Ethics; Biography, modern British history and literature

Photo of Kenneth Miller

Kenneth Miller

Graduate student |
Mezes Hall 3.228

Education: MAP University of Akron, BA Cleveland State University

Interests: Political parties, political communication, campaigns and elections

Erica Mirabitur

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science, University of Michigan

Interests: Foreign aid, multilateral organizations, public opinion

Photo of Carolina Moehlecke

Carolina Moehlecke

Graduate student

Education: BA in International Relations, 2014, La Salle University (Brazil)

Interests: International political economy, economic and human development and the political economy of the developing world. Research methods.

Photo of Megan Moeller

Megan Moeller

PhD Candidate |
Batts 1.118

Education: MS Statistics (2013) University of Texas, BA Political Science (2008) University of Michigan

Interests: U.S. Congress, political methodology, American politics, public policy, gender and politics

Philip Moniz

Graduate student

Education: MA, Political Science, Central European University (Budapest)

Interests: Public opinion, political knowledge and psychology, electoral competitiveness, representation

Photo of Ashley Moran

Ashley Moran

Graduate student

Education: MALD, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

Interests: Comparative constitutional law, the intersection of constitutional order and conflict, state fragility, and democratic legal and institutional reform

Photo of Margaret Moslander

Margaret Moslander

Graduate student

Education: BA, Middlebury College

Interests: Public Law, American Politics

Photo of Christina Noriega Bambrick

Christina Noriega Bambrick

Graduate student

Education: MA, Government - University of Texas, BA, Philosophy and Legal Studies - Scripps College

Interests: Constitutional theory and development, comparative constitutionalism, rights and horizontality, legal theory, government institutions, liberalism, religion and politics, political and moral philosophy, history of political thought

James O'connor

Graduate student

Education: BA, Political Science, University of Maine

Interests: Early modern political thought, American constitutional law, David Hume and Jean Jacques-Rousseau, the relationship between faith and reason in both epistemology and government

Photo of Daniel O'toole

Daniel O'toole

Graduate student

Education: BA, Claremont McKenna College

Interests: Political Theory, Public Law

Photo of Hillel Ofek

Hillel Ofek

Graduate student |
MEZ 3.212

Education: B.A., Kenyon College

Interests: Foreign policy, international relations theory, history and practice of international strategy and diplomacy, classical and modern political thought, American constitutional theory, history of science.

Marco Paoli

Graduate student

Education: BA, University of Toronto

Interests: Political Theory, International Relations

Yul Min Park

Graduate student

Education: BA Yonsei University, MA, Political Science, Yonsei University

Interests: Media, public opinion, political behavior, voting behavior, political communication, democracy, quantitative methods, big data analysis

Photo of Luke Perez

Luke Perez

Graduate student |
Batts 1.118

Education: B.A. The Ohio State University, M.A. Villanova University

Interests: Ancient Political Thought, Augustine, International Relations Theory,

Photo of German Petersen

German Petersen

Graduate student

Education: MA, Political Science, El Colegio de Mexico

Interests: Public policy, corruption, anti-corruption, governance, institutions and democratization

Photo of Julianne Phillips

Julianne Phillips

Graduate student |
Batts 1.118

Education: MA, Political Science, SUNY University at Buffalo

Interests: Nuclear Deterrence and Counterproliferation, Alliances, Interstate Conflict, Game Theory

Photo of Annelise Russell

Annelise Russell

Doctoral Candidate, Director of Undergraduate Research for the Policy Agendas Project |
Mezes Hall, 5th Floor

Education: BA; MA, University of Oklahoma; University of Texas

Interests: American Politics, Public Policy, Political Institutions, Media, Communications

Photo of Peter Russell

Peter Russell

Graduate student

Education: BA, Politics and Government, University of Puget Sound

Interests: MENA, political development and political decay, political behavior in the modern world.

Nathalia Sandoval-Rojas

Graduate student

Interests: Comparative politics, judicial politics, public law, legal mobilization, Latin America

Photo of Robert Shaffer

Robert Shaffer

Graduate student

Education: B.A., Political Science, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: Comparative law, statutory design, natural language processing, computational methods, environmental policy

Brooke Shannon

Graduate student

Education: MA, Political Science, University of Memphis

Interests: State and local government, social movements, Latino politics, political institutions, political trust, and political participation

Kyle Shen

Graduate student

Education: JD, Law, University of Texas School of Law

Interests: Comparative constitutional law, judicial politics, authoritarianism, human rights, international criminal law, Chinese politics

Photo of Ahmed Siddiqi

Ahmed Siddiqi

Graduate student

Education: BA/BS, University of North Texas

Interests: History of Political Thought

Photo of Jose Sierra Castillo

Jose Sierra Castillo

Graduate student

Education: MA Economics, Duke University

Interests: Comparative and international political economy

Barea Sinno

Graduate student

Education: MS, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Columbia University

Interests: Comparative politics, Middle East, mixed-methods, identity politics, ethnic conflict, sectariansim, political psychology, behavioral studies

John Stanley

Graduate student

Education: BS, Humanities, US Air Force Academy

Interests: Classical Greek political theory

Photo of Andrew Stravers

Andrew Stravers

Graduate student |
Batts 1.118

Education: BA, University of Wisconsin

Interests: International Lending; American Foreign Policy; International Political Economy; Overseas Basing Policy

Allen Sumrall

Graduate student |
Batts 1.118

Education: BA, Politics, Bates College

Interests: American Political Development (APD), constitutional law, American constitutional development, race and citizenship in APD, jurisprudence and the judiciary, ideational and institutional development, and law, courts, and politics.

Photo of Joe Roberto Tafoya

Joe Roberto Tafoya

PhD Candidate

Interests: American/Race and Ethnicity/Latino Politics, Public Policy, Research Methods

Photo of Megan Thomas

Megan Thomas

Graduate student;

Interests: Terrorism, Civil Conflict, Alliances, Methodology

Diego Vega

Graduate student

Education: MSc, International Relations, London School of Economics

Interests: Latin America, Africa, political economy, international organizations, foreign policy, global south, postcolonial relations

Stella Wancke

Graduate student

Education: MA, Political Science, University of Missouri- Columbia

Interests: International conflict, political economy

Daniel Weitzel

Graduate student

Interests: Comparative Political Parties, Public Opinion and Voting Behavior, Political Methodology

Jonathan Wensveen

Graduate student |
Batts 1.102

Education: M.A., Political Science, Carleton University, 2013; B.A. (Hon.), Political Science, University of Lethbridge, 2011

Interests: Political Theory, Public Law

Photo of Cathy Xuanxuan Wu

Cathy Xuanxuan Wu

Graduate student |
BAT 1.118

Interests: International conflict, the role of domestic politics in international relations, game theory

Photo of Chun-Ying Wu

Chun-Ying Wu

Graduate student

Interests: Northeast and Southeast Asian Politics, Democratization, Political Culture, Multilevel Analysis

Wenhui "William" Yang

Graduate student

Education: MPhil, Social Science, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Interests: Violence, political economy, Chinese politics

Stephanie Yarbrough

Graduate student

Education: BA, Government, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Classical political philosophy and Enlightenment thinkers

Photo of Charles Zug

Charles Zug

Graduate student |
BATTS 1.118

Interests: Grand Strategy and International Order as they relate to History and Political Philosophy; Ancient and Modern Political Philosophy, Leo Strauss; American Politics, The American Constitutional Order, Separation of Powers

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