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Institute of Historical Studies

Talk: "Beyond 'Crisis' and Headlines: The History of Humanity as a History of Migration," by José C. Moya, Barnard College

Mon, September 18, 2017 | GAR 4.100

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

José C. Moya is Professor of History at Barnard College. Before joining Barnard in 2005, he taught at UCLA for 17 years. In addition to his teaching duties for Barnard's Department of History, Professor Moya serves as Director of the Barnard Forum on Migration, and is affiliated with the Human Rights Studies Program.

Professor Moya teaches courses in Latin American history, Latin American civilization, and world migration, and has written extensively on global migration, gender, and labor. His book, Cousins and Strangers: Spanish Immigrants in Buenos Aires, 1850-1930 (University of California Press, 1998), received five awards including the Hubert Herring Prize for Best Book on Latin America, Pacific Council on Latin American Studies; the Herbert Eugene Bolton Memorial Prize co-winner, Conference on Latin American History; and the Sharlin Memorial Award in Social Science History, Social Science History Association. The journal Historical Methods devoted a forum to its theoretical and methodological contributions to migration studies. 

Professor Moya edited The Oxford Handbook of Latin American History (Oxford University Press, 2010), a definitive point of reference for all scholars of Latin American history written by top international experts in the field. "It is impossible to do justice to all the contributions and the wealth of ideas and debates they present," writes Professor of History Dr. Rebecca Earle, University of Warwick, in the English Historical Review. "Considering that this must have been a long-prepared and tightly organised project, it is striking how different the contributions are. Michiel Baud, Journal of Latin American Studies I cannot recommend this volume highly enough. It offers an exhilarating panorama of the wonderful historical research on Latin America carried out in the past quarter century." He is currently working on the socio-cultural history of anarchism in belle-époque Buenos Aires and the Atlantic world.

Dr. Moya has received three Fulbright Fellowships, a Burkhardt Fellowship, and a Del Amo Fellowship. His research and scholarship have also been supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

No pre-circulated reading. To RSVP to attend, please email:, by 9am, Friday Sep. 15.

Sponsored by: LLILAS Benson; Institute for Historical Studies in the Department of History

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