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Performance Appraisals

Gail Davis, the Director for Human Resources in the College of Liberal Arts, is available to answer questions and to provide assistance to supervisors on any aspect of the performance management process, including the Performance Appraisal form.

For questions, contact Gail at 232-2132 or

Download the appraisal form here (DOC)
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Tips for Writing Appraisals

When writing your assessment and narrative for each of key responsibilities, keep the following areas in mind.  It is not necessary to write to each of these skills, but they might help you in reviewing the employee’s performance.

Expertise: Content knowledge, comprehension of technical requirements whether acquired by formal education, training, and/or experience used to perform a given key responsibility; knowledge of University and College policies and procedures.

Customer Service: Follow through, timeliness, responsiveness, professionalism, effective communication, efficiency.

Communication: Includes both oral and written communication with supervisors, students, and staff, as well as with the public. Listens to others, is open-minded, and evaluates suggestions from others.

Work Quality: Employee sets standards and consistently achieves high quality results as reflected by attention to detail and accuracy; neatness, thoroughness, and usefulness of results. Creates accurate and punctual reports, documents, and correspondence.

Productivity: Manages work load; targets and achieves results; sets challenging goals; takes on additional responsibilities and shows initiative; manages priorities; handles information flow; overcomes obstacles.

Work Ethics, Accountability, and Dependability: Meets commitments; works independently; accepts responsibility for actions; handles change; stays focused under pressure; demonstrates commitment to quality standards and continuous improvement; monitors quality levels. Integrity, ability to manage stress, response to supervision.

Decision-making & Problem-solving: Recognizes and analyzes problems; effective decision-making, exercises sound judgment, evaluates solutions, assesses probable consequences and makes recommendations selecting decision alternatives that meet the objectives; completely evaluates facts and situations before taking action.

Initiative: Resourcefulness on the job by developing new methods, offers constructive suggestions, recognizes and acts on opportunities, seeks new or additional work, willingly accepts tough assignments, anticipates future needs, requires minimal supervision.

Teamwork: Reliability; interpersonal communications skills; works effectively with others; contributes to team’s goals; shows sensitivity and concern for the interests and needs of others; establishes positive working relationships; performs related duties as assigned.  Seeks feedback and constructive criticism; negotiates effectively; shares information and ideas with others.

Sample Appraisals

Exceeds Expectations (PDF)

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