Humanities Institute

Friends and Supporters of the Humanities Institute

The Humanities Institute would like to recognize the financial support of the following organizations.

  • Austin Community Foundation
  • The Ford Foundation
  • Humanities Texas
  • KDK-Harman Foundation
  • The Joan and Herb Kelleher Charitable Foundation
  • Sooch Foundation
  • Webber Family Foundation
  • Woodrow Wilson Foundation

The Humanities Institute would like to recognize the generous support of the following individuals who have contributed to the ongoing growth of the Institute.

  • Shirley Dean Arend
  • Paul and Mary Ho
  • Carolyn and Paxton Howard
  • Gloria Lee and Matthew Lynaugh Jeanie and Don Murff Fund 
  • Paula Kothmann 
  • Stephen and Dale Sonnenberg
  • Sahotra Sarkar
  • Linda L. Golden
  • Elizabeth Cullingford
  • Patrick L. Brockett
  • Paula L. Kothmann
  • Alexandra Wettlaufer
  • Caroline O'maera
  • Nancy M. Biggs
  • Deliana Garcia
  • Donna DeCesare
  • Kathleen Higgins
  • Gemma Ainslie
  • Kellye Mireles
  • Vivé Griffith
  • Wenhong Chen
  • Robert H. Abzug
  • Phillip J. Barrish
  • Evan B. Carton
  • Kirsten Cather Fischer
  • Theodore N. Held
  • H. W. Perry, Jr.
  • Pauline T. Strong

Join the Friends of the Humanities Institute
The Humanities Institute welcomes offers of financial support from individuals and businesses interested in helping to underwrite its programs. Contributions are permanently acknowledged on the Friends page of our website. Donations to the Institute are tax-deductible.

For more information, please contact the Institute at (512) 471-9056 or

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