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2015 - 2016 Cline Visiting Professor

The Humanities Institute welcomed internationally known author and activist Naomi Klein as the eighth C. L. and Henriette Cline Centennial Visiting Professor in the Humanities. As part of her tenure, Klein delivered a public lecture on Wednesday, November 11. She also attended a student discussion on Thursday, November 12th, leading a discussion on the themes of her new book and documentary "This Changes Everything." The Humanities Institute also hosted two film screenings of her new documentary on Tuesday, Nobember 10th.

Naomi Klein Klein’s first two books, No Logo (1999) and The Shock Doctrine (2007), were international hits, with each book being translated into dozens of languages and selling over 1 million copies. The Shock Doctrine exposes the ulterior motives of the neoliberal economic paradigm—not to bring freedom and democracy to developing countries, but to exploit their labor and resources through austerity politics. Often, the imposition of this neoliberal paradigm occurs in places recently impacted by disasters, whether natural or purposely instigated. Thus, Klein’s neologism of “disaster capitalism.”

Klein's most recent book,This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate (Simon & Schuster 2014), argues that our current economic model threatens our very existence: "Any attempt to rise to the climate challenge will be fruitless unless it is understood as part of a much broader battle of worldviews. Our economic system and our planetary system are now at war." Along with an analysis of the many ways in which neoliberal policies promote actions that contribute to—and sometimes cause—environmental disasters, Klein provides concrete examples of ways in which people across the world are joining together to challenge these policies.

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