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Graduate and Professional Student Consultant Team

Graduate and professional student guest teachers — known as "consultants" — form an integral part of the Living Newspaper program. Consultants usually assist high school teachers with the implementation of Living Newspaper lesson plans and offer insights from their work in their own disciplines to supplement these lessons. Consultants may be asked to help students with basic skills like finding sources — either print or on-line — and reviewing human rights terminology. Or they might be asked to assist with more complex tasks like leading a debate on a human rights issue, identifying evocative language to use in the script, teaching performance techniques, or coming up with ways to incorporate video into a Living Newspaper performance.

Each consultant is trained in Living Newspaper techniques and provides assistance and support during the multiple phases of Living Newspaper creation, from initial brainstorming to performance. No experience in the high school classroom or with curriculum development is required in order to become a consultant, although we do especially encourage those already familiar with performance, human rights education, or Living Newspapers to apply.

Please contact Claire Canavan by email at for more information.

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