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What Texas Teachers Are Saying About TAS

(excerpts from seminar evaluations)

"This is a dream—having a dialogue with a professor around a table. This was so exciting! This seminar gave me many ideas and tools to use in the classroom and to share with colleagues. . . . This is better than the AP conferences, and they are good!"

"This is re-invigorating—Energy drain is one of the most damaging aspects of public school teaching. Creative teaching requires support."

"As a result of this seminar, I will be even more mindful of the need to seek information about 'facts' and issues. I got good ideas to use in my classroom—ideas that will work especially well in class discussions designed to stimulate critical thinking."

"I appreciate the TAS program encouraging us to select a seminar outside of our own discipline. I did so, and I have now discovered many connections and relevance to my own fields. What I've explored intellectually will go straight into my classroom."

"To be able to interact with an authority on the subject as well as teachers from across Austin gave us new connections with each other as well as with information and further resources. . . . It will be a joy to do further study and to incorporate it into my curriculum."

"This program made me feel appreciated as a teacher. I felt honored to be chosen. . . . It shows that the University of Texas and my school district see the importance of life-long learning."

For more information about how to become or sponsor a TAS teacher, please contact the Institute at (512) 471-2654 or email

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