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Past Presenters - Free (Thinking) Lunch


November 21, 2014
LaToya Ruby Frazier
"The Notion of Family"

October 23, 2014
Didier Fassin

April 10, 2014
Bill McKibben
"Sustainability: Is It Worth Investing In?"

March 21, 2014
Joseph Horowitz
"Music Unwound"


September 12, 2013
Laurie Anderson

April 2, 2013
Lauren Berlant (University of Chicago Department of English)

March 21, 2012
Seymour Hersh
Nuclear Capability in Iran


March 28, 2011
Lawrence Wright
“The Apostate: Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology”


Wednesday, November 19 
Samuel Gosling (Psychology)
"A Room With a Cue: Personality Impressions Based on Bedrooms, Offices, Web Pages, Music Collections, and Facebook Profiles"

Monday, January 26 
Jacqueline Jones (History)
"New Perspectives on Racial Ideologies and Labor in the American South"

Tuesday, February 24 
Madeline Hsu (History)
"From Chop Suey to Mandarin Cuisine: Chinese Americans and the Politics of Race and Culture"

Wednesday, March 25 
Matthew McGlone (Communication Studies)
"Social Identity and Stereotype Threat in Interpersonal Communication"


Monday, September 17
Prof. Robert Jensen (Journalism)
"Pornography and the End of Intimacy"

Wednesday, October 17
Prof. Peter Trubowitz (Government)
"Grand Strategy in a Divided America"

Monday, November 19
Prof. Julia Mickenberg (American Studies)
"Children’s Literature, the Cold War, and Radical Politics"

Friday, January 25 [Cancelled/Re-scheduling]
Prof. Sanford Levinson (Law)
"How the Constitution Contributes to the Democratic Deficit (and Malaise) in the US"

Wednesday, February 20
Prof. Neville Hoad (English)
"The HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa: Literature, Affect, Spectacle"

Tuesday, March 25
Prof. LeeAnn Kahlor (Advertising)
"Television Viewing and the Acceptance of Rape Myths"

Friday, April 18
Prof. David Buss (Psychology)
"Why Women Have Sex"


David Oshinsky
"Polio: An American Story"

Pauline Strong
"Captivity, Vengeance, and National Identity: From Colonial America to Abu Ghraib"

Christine Williams
"Working, Shopping, and Social Inequality"


Doug Dempster and Andree Bober
"Interdisciplinary Museum Studies Program"

Charlotte Canning
"Performing the Nation: Chautauqua and American Public Culture"

Sahotra Sarkar
"God by Design"


Judith Coffin
"Mr. Kinsey Goes to Hollywood"

Evan Carton
"John Brown and the Hobbled Historians"


Dick Markovits
"Liberalism and Toxic Torts"

Leslie Jarmon
"Scholarship, Community, and the World Congress on Information Technology"

John Hoberman
"Conceptualizing Small Country Status in an Age of Globalization"

Jim Buhler
"Music and Subjectivity in the Early Cinema"

Kamran Ali and Barbara Harlow
"Bandung at 50: The Future of the Non-Aligned Movement"

Carol MacKay
"A 19th Century Life: Religion, Reproduction, and Custody Rights in Annie Besant's Autobiography"

John Hoberman
"How Physicians Think about Race"


Larry Sager
"A New (and Improved) View of Religious Liberty"

Dana Cloud
"The Doxiconic Visual Rhetoric of the War on Terrorism"

Scot Powe
"Is There a Rehnquist Revolution?"

Sumit Ganguly
"South Asia: The Most Dangerous Place on Earth?"

Sanford Levinson
"Thinking about Torture"

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