Institute of Urban Policy
Institute of Urban Policy



To advocate for equality of access, opportunity, and choice for populations of color and the poor through applied policy research.


To become the major policy research organization that identifies, proposes, and measures solutions to social justice problems that disproportionately affect populations of color and their communities.


The Institute for Urban Policy Research & Analysis (IUPRA) was developed in 2011 through the collaborative efforts of the Texas Legislative Black Caucus, the John Warfield Center for African and African-American Studies, and the College of Liberal Arts at The University of Texas at Austin. Development of IUPRA was seen as an important method for understanding the impact of public policies on African Americans and other communities of color throughout the Diaspora. Conducting critical policy analyses of existing and proposed legislation was seen as a means of developing advocacy oriented data about the causes, content, and consequences of public policy by race, ethnicity, class, language, sexual orientation, gender, history, and culture. The diverse products IUPRA generates are designed to meet the needs of local, national, and international audiences, including organizations, communities of color, legislatures, scholars, and the general public.