Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

On-Campus Recruiting

Job & Internship Postings

UT Liberal Arts students have access to job and internship posting sites offering opportunities for all career interests in Texas and around the world. Research the variety of positions using our job search guide then schedule an appointment with a Career Coach to discuss application strategies and how to craft an effective resume.

On-Campus Interviews

Some employers choose to conduct on-campus interviews in our office for prospective candidates for full-time jobs and internships. In most cases, you must have an account in our BTT Gateway recruiting system to participate in interviews - BTT Gateway facilitates the application and interview scheduling process.

Some interviews take place in our offices, FAC 18, while others take place at Texas Recruitment + Interview Services in the Student Services Building. BTT Gateway will inform you of where the interviews are being conducted.

So check out BTT Gateway to see who's interviewing on campus this year! You can also reference our on-line calendar.

As with any interview, make sure to prepare, dress in professional attire, and arrive a few minutes early.

What to Expect from On-Campus Recruiting

Not all employers utilize on-campus recruiting. Some industries and types of employers are less likely to hold interviews on campus. In general larger organizations with multiple locations tend to utilize on-campus recruiting more often than do smaller organizations with smaller recruiting budgets and less predictable hiring needs. While many employers do visit campus, they represent only a small segment of employers hiring liberal arts students.

LACS encourages students to utilize online job-search tools in conjunction with on-campus recruiting. You have access to hundreds of additional job and internship postings in the system. To access the system, login to your BTT Gateway account > under the job and internship search you will see results in two tabs: one for BTT opportunities and one for opportunities, click on the Indeed tab to expand your search. 

Recruiting Timeline

Many employers recruit for their full-time positions only once per year, early in the fall semester. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, two-thirds of employers prefer to conduct college recruiting in the fall rather than spring.  Recruiting timelines vary by industry and employer size.

Investment Banking & Consulting Firms

  • These firms - especially the IBs - typically recruit only once per year for full-time analysts, and this recruiting happens in late August/early September for seniors graduating the following May.
  • These firms typically recruit only once per year for summery analyst interns, and this recruiting happens between November and early January.


  • Employers who recruit early during fall semester: Finance, Consulting, Intelligence, Peace Corps, Teach for America
  • Employers with spring application deadlines: Management in Training programs, Insurance, Sales, Customer Service, Hospitality, Tourism


  • Large organizations: Often hire several new staff members months in advance to fill the same position offered in a variety of cities.
  • Government organizations: Often have a long application and hiring process, sometimes requiring extensive background checks that take months to complete.
  • Small businesses: May tend to hire locally (and don’t generally pay for relocation expenses), tend to post openings for immediate hires only.
  • Small nonprofits: Often recruit applicants with a background in service. Hiring preference may be given to applicants who have previously volunteered or completed an unpaid internship for the organization. Internships and job opportunities may only be posted on the organization’s own website and typically only immediate openings are posted.

Prepare your application materials early to ensure you are eligible to apply for the majority of positions posted. If you’d like help targeting your resume and cover letter, schedule a career coaching appointment.

To see what’s currently available, log in to your BTT Gateway account.

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