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Dedman Distinguished Scholars Alumni

Upon graduation Dedman Distinguished Scholars have gone on to enroll in the country's best graduate programs, medical and law schools. Dedman Scholars compete for and win prestigious post baccalaureate scholarships.  Two have been awarded a British Marshall Scholarship, two a Harry S. Truman Scholarship, and one a Hertz Foundation Fellowship and a National Science Foundation Fellowship.  Wide-ranging in their passions and interests, the Dedman Distinguished Scholars have one thing in common:  the desire to lead purposeful lives, with a positive and lasting influence.  Not only have Dedman alumni worked in presidential administrations, prestigious law firms, consulting agencies, and top universities, but many have pursued careers in non-profit and public service.  Alumni stay connected through social media and occasional events on campus, and they are available for mentoring and networking with current students.

A Retrospective: Dedman Alumni Reflect on their Experiences in the Program

(2014) As the Dedman Distinguished Scholars Program approaches its 25th Anniversary in 2015, we interviewed Program Director Dr. Larry Carver and a few Austin-area alumni about their experiences in the program. This video captures their reflections as they describe their favorite memories, what they learned, and how the program impacted them. 

"Reflections on the Dedman Scholars Program" 

Featured Alumni

Heidi Boutros, Class of 2004

Isaac Cates, Class of 1994

Anjali Datta, Class of 2012

Graham Davis, Class of 2002

Grace Eckhoff, Class of 2010

Aurora Lora, Class of 2000

Rebekah Perry, Class of 2006

Veronica Vargas Stidvent, Class of 1996