College of Liberal Arts

Faculty and Staff Computer Support

At the request of the Provost, Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services (LAITS) will be assuming responsibility for technology support for units that have been supported by Academic Technology Support (ATS). This includes support for desktop computers, printers, phones, and networks. ATS has provided outstanding service, and LAITS is committed to doing the same. To accomplish this, LAITS will bring on many of ATS's staff and, in most areas, operate using ATS's service models.

IMPORTANT: For now, continue to contact ATS as usual with all service requests. We will send out new contact information and a switchover date soon.

The decision to make this change came only a few days ago so a transition will need to take place over the next few weeks. As many of you probably know, ATS was originally created by LAITS so we're confident that this transition will be successful. But it is happening quickly, and there will certainly be issues that will take time to iron out. The College of Liberal Arts has agreed to provide these services in good faith, and we ask everyone to give us a grace period for solving problems and acquainting ourselves with your needs. When issues come up – again, they certainly will – let us know immediately and help us find solutions.

Once again: continue to contact ATS as usual with all service requests. Information about changes will be forthcoming. Everyone here at LAITS looks forward to working with you.

Joe TenBarge
Assistant Dean
College of Liberal Arts