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Classroom Support

Photo of Ian R Campbell

Ian R Campbell

Director of Technology Integration |
471-3542 |
BEL 220L

Photo of David W Cannon

David W Cannon

Technical Staff Assistant V |
471-3542 |
BEL 220K

Photo of Eric Erb

Eric Erb

Project Specialist |
512-471-1611 |
BEL 220J

Photo of Clifford M Haby

Clifford M Haby

Classroom Support Coordinator |
471-1523 |

Photo of Henry Hilliard

Henry Hilliard

Instructional Technology Support Coordinator |
512-232-3497 |
CLA 1.214

Photo of Blaine Indemaio

Blaine Indemaio

Audio Visual Installation Technician |
512-471-3923 |
BEL 220G

Photo of Matthew Milburn

Matthew Milburn

Technical Staff Assistant IV |
232-2820 |
CLA 0.212

Photo of Terence M Thomas

Terence M Thomas

Technical Staff Assistant IV |
471-9666 |

Photo of Jeff Ventrano

Jeff Ventrano

Director of Instructional Technology Support |
512-471-0548 |
MEZ 3.312