College of Liberal Arts

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Please visit the STA Project Blog & see our work in progress.

STAs assist College of Liberal Arts faculty members and adminstrative staff with print and web design. They build presentations, produce audio/visual works, scan text documents & perform image correction. They are instrumental in helping COLA faculty realize their vision for instructional technology projects used to enhance the teaching and learning experience. STAs learn technical skills on the job, and contribute work to acclaimed sites such as eSkeletons, in use by teachers and students world wide.

LAITS: IT and Facilities Director, Joe TenBarge, initiated the Student Technology Assistant Program in 2004. Gary Dickerson, STA Supervisor between 2004-2009, designed and cultivated this unique program. STAs continue to work on a variety of projects under the guidance of LAITS web development staff.

Prospective STAs:

Creative and technically inclined students are appointed as STAs for one year, with the possibility of being rehired as long as they study at the university. Applicants for the program are hired before both long semesters. Interested students may look for postings on Hire-A-Longhorn when positions are available.

Faculty and Staff:

COLA faculty & staff with questions about STAs services, contact Suloni Robertson, Art Director and current STA Supervisor.