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Summer 2017 – On-Demand Courses

Work at your own pace with weekly deadlines. Classes include pre-recorded lecture segments, activities readings, discussions and expert interviews accessed through Canvas and subject to established deadlines, but accessed on your own time.

Registration Opens April 17th

1st Summer Session
June 1 - July 6

ANT 302 Cultural Anthropology

Circe Sturm
Unique# 80135

C C 302 Intro to Ancient Rome

Jennifer Ebbeler
Unique# 80680

E 316M Masterworks of American Literature

Cole Hutchison and Evan Carton
Unique# 81595

ECO 304K Intro to Microeconomics

Jane Ryngaert
Unique# 81295

GOV 310L Intro to American Government

Daron Shaw 
Unique# 83010

GOV 312L Politics in Contemporary Texas

Unique# 83015

GOV 312L US Foreign Policy

Rob Moser
Unique# 83020

HIS 315L The United States Since 1865

Jeremi Suri
Unique# 83205

Students must logon for 4 out of 5 live-streaming sessions:
June 2, 11am-12pm
June 6, 6pm-7pm
June 8, 12pm-1pm
June 15, 1pm-2pm
June 20, 8am-9am

LAT 506 First Year Latin I

Andrea Pittard
Unique# 80915

PSY 301 Intro to Psychology

Paige Harden
Unique# 84530

2nd Summer Session
July 10 - August 11

ANT 304T Intro to Texas Archaeology

Mariah Wade
Unique# 80242

C C 303 Intro to Classical Mythology

Margaret Clark
Unique# 80710

GOV 310L Intro to American Government

Eric McDaniel
Unique# 83110

GOV 312L Politics in Contemporary Texas

Unique# 83115

GOV 312L US Foreign Policy

Pat McDonald
Unique# 83120

Whole Summer Session
June 1 - August 11

FR 406 Introductory French I

Unique# 82211

FR 407 Introductory French II

Unique# 82216