Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
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Rachel Adeleye

Graduate student


Interests: oral story telling; Afro-Brazilian studies; natural hair movement; movimento negro; identity formation; youth empowerment; access to information; discourse production; race; information studies

Caroline Daigle

Graduate student


Interests: community planning; gender and development; NGOs in Laitn America; access to resources; marginalized populations

Alicia Danze

Graduate student


Interests: Latin American feminism, femicide, sexual violence, poverty/marginality; grassroots social movements; U.S. political/cultural imperialism

Moravia De La O

Graduate student


Interests: human rights defenders; acompañamiento psico-social; Mexico; trauma; drug war; female-identified activists

Martin do Nascimento

Graduate student


Interests: Brazil; media studies; photojournalism; ethics in journalism

Julia Duranti

Graduate student


Interests: Colombia; Afro-descendant, idigenous, and campesin@ movements; neoliberalism; violence; forced displacement; development studies; social change; activist research; peace-building

Brian Eggert

Graduate student


Interests: media studies; mobile information technology; networks; race; Brazil; Mexico

Aileen Ford

Graduate student


Interests: international migration; gender violence; feminism; U.S.-Mexico relations; human rights law

Sebastian Gallardo

Graduate student


Interests: cultural politics; Afro-descendent and indigenous peoples of Latin America; Ecuador

Julio Gutierrez

Graduate student


Interests: neoliberalism in Latin America; critical theory; subjectivity; El Salvador

Jose Guzman

Graduate student


Interests: democracy in Latin America; developmental studies; environmental studies

Daniela Hernandez Salazar

Graduate student


Interests: democratization; government transparency and accountability; clientelism; anthropology; development in Latin America; social and economic policy; race, gender, sexuality, and social class; geospatial analysis using GIS

Francisco Herrera

Graduate student


Interests: social movements; collective action; Afro-descendant and idigenous politics; development; nation-building; citizenship; critical theory

Rebecca Jackson

Graduate student


Interests: media studies; transnational media flow; immigration; identity formation; decolonial media practices; media representation; diasporas of Latin America

Alexandra Lamina Luguana

Graduate student


Interests: Ecuador; indigenous studies; social change; conservation and sustainable management of natural resources in the Amazon; urban planning

Michaela Machicote

Graduate student


Interests: Black race and identity in Puerto Rico; Puerto Ricans in the U.S.

Vincent Mauro

Graduate student


Interests: political parties and party systems; inequality; political economy and economic development; Latin American politics

Kathryn McDonald

Graduate student


Interests: history and anthropology of Mexico

Devin Oliver

Graduate student


Interests: Brazil; Black LGBT youth; violence; gay tourist spaces; social media; transnational queer studies; Black geographies; African diaspora; feminist political geography; participatory mapping

Gabriel Ortiz van Meerbeke

Graduate student


Interests: community and regional planning; critical theory; insurgent citizenship; modes of representation; production and appropriation of space

Lynn Panepinto

Graduate student


Interests: social work with Latinos; trauma; immigration; children; families; child abuse reporting

Jheison Romain

Graduate student


Interests: challenges for democratic stability in Latin America; effective inclusion of underrepresented groups; ICTs and development; development studies; African Diaspora

Cynthia Rubio

Graduate student


Interests: language brokering; Latina/o education in the U.S.; gender; class

Jose Rubio-Zepeda

Graduate student


Interests: transnationalism and identity; migration; African Diaspora in Central America and the Caribbean, especially the Dominican Republic; globalization; sustainability; development; cultural studies; masculinity; class; gender; sexuality and ethnicity

Giovana Sanchez

Graduate student


Interests: women's history and gender studies; Brazilian history; education; subaltern studies

Sam Tabory

Graduate student


Interests: international development; good governance; regional and urban planning

Scott David Weaver

Graduate student


Interests: Mexico; violence; critical theory; law

Emma Whittington

Graduate student


Interests: information organization; access to information; libraries and archives

Sara Zavaleta

Graduate student


Interests: race; mental health; gender; sexuality; immigration; public health; social justice

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