Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the requirements for admission?

The admission process is quite simple: Each student must complete the online application. This will include a 300-500-word paragraph explaining your interest in studying Arabic, Turkish, or Russian.

What are the requirements once students are in the program?

The requirements are time consuming, but fun and rewarding.

  1. UT students, who participate during the academic year, must take a 6 credit per semester, 2 semester sequence in Russian, Turkish, or Arabic. (Other eligible students must show proof of second year proficiency in their target language.)
  2. UT students already enrolled in the program must meet with their assigned tutor once a week for one hour.
  3. Attend 2 cultural events related to their language/culture of interest during the academic year.
  4. All enrolled students will participate in an all-expense paid 8-week overseas program in Russia, Morocco, or Turkey.
  5. All enrolled students will take a language proficiency examination at the end of summer 2013.

What are the benefits for student participants?

The benefits are personal as well as professional.

  1. Students will fulfill language requirement in one year.
  2. Students will gain language proficiency in one of these State Department-defined “strategic” languages. This will be a great resume builder, and useful in the field.
  3. Study abroad experiences are always fun and personally enriching, as well as serving as professional development opportunities. 
  4. Meeting new people here at UT and abroad will enlarge your personal social circle, and increase networking opportunities.

Are there any costs for student participants?

Program costs are covered by the Project GO! program, including travel-- This does NOT include the visa fee or non-program related expenses.

What level of language training will student achieve in the program?

Students should achieve a third year equivalency, or at least “Level 1 plus” (on the Interagency Language Roundtable or ILR scale) by the end of the summer of participation.

What is the length of time that students must commit to the program?

A complete 8-week summer session in Russia, Morocco or Turkey. Interested UT students should consider registering for the program during the academic year (which entails filling out the application, taking intensive language courses, and benefiting from access to a free Russian tutor once a week).

For more information on Project GO contact:

Arabic: Christian Glakas
Phone: 471-3283 Office: WMB 1.110

Turkish: Katie Aslan
Phone: 471-5107 Office: WMB 6.122B

Russian: Allegra Azulay
Phone: 232-9123 Office: CAL 413

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