Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps
Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps


Run to Dallas

Every fall the University of Texas NROTC Battalion members run 240 miles from the UT Campus in Austin to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas while carrying the game ball for the annual Red River Shootout between Texas and Oklahoma.  From the North, members of the OU NROTC Battalion run their game ball to the Cotton Bowl as well.  When both battalions reach Dallas, they partake in a friendly game of flag football to commemorate their meeting.

Captain's Cup

Each semester culminates with the Captain's Cup Competition, in which platoons square off against one another in a three-week-long series of events that tests their physical fitness, military bearing, sailing proficiency, and knowledge. Triumphant platoons proudly display streamers on their guide-ons indicating in which field they were victorious.

Mess Night

The Battalion holds a Mess Night each year during the Spring Semester.  The evening is in honor a long tradition conducted by Marines all around the world, since its inception in 1775.  The members gather for an evening of story telling, dinner and fun antics.