Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps
Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps

Run To Dallas

Every year the NROTC Battalion participates in a traditional event called the Run to Dallas, where we deliver the game ball to the Red River Shoot-Out, the football game between the Texas Longhorns and our long-standing rivals, the Oklahoma Sooners.  

The event kicks off on the Wednesday prior to the Red River Shoot-Out, when the Longhorn Head Football Coach passes the game ball to our Battalion.  Members of our Battalion take turns carrying the game ball and running it North, from Darrel K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, to Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas.  This week long event displays our Battalion’s spirit, stamina, and strength. 

The OU NROTC Battalion mirrors our Run-to-Dallas event by running their game ball South, from OU to Dallas.  Upon reaching the stadium in Dallas, both game balls are turned over to the officials, and we finally get some rest.  The following day, game day, our Units represent the fighting spirit of our University football teams and compete in a game of flag-football.  The winner receives a coveted trophy and bragging rights for the year.

NROTC Run To Dallas

 Traditional Chain of Events


Midshipmen start running relays beginning on Monday, North to Dallas, and continue through the main run on Thursday accumulating as much mileage toward Dallas as possible.

The Longhorn Head Football Coach gives the game ball to the Midshipman Battalion's Commanding Officer Wednesday before the actual Red River Rivalry Game during the Torchlight Ceremony. We then head out to continue the long journey to Dallas.
The run continues to Dallas on Thursday and the battalion arrives on Friday morning at The Cotton Bowl Stadium. We meet with Oklahoma's NROTC and run into the fair grounds yelling cadences to build more rivalry between the two NROTC's.

Friday afternoon, the UT NROTC and the OU NROTC play a friendly flag football game, with the hopes of a UT victory on both Friday and Saturday! Hook 'em!