Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps
Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps

Seaman to Admiral Program

STA program

STA-21 is the Navy’s way of providing an opportunity for enlisted personnel to earn a commission. Officer Candidates attend UT or Huston-Tillotson University year-round, working toward that commission in the warfare specialty they applied for under the STA-21 program. 

The University of Texas Admissions Office does not make any special allowances for STA-21 candidates. Therefore, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND UT, YOU MUST INFORM NETC THAT UT IS YOUR FIRST CHOICE. Then, you must get accepted to another university as a backup in case you do not get accepted to UT.

You can contact NETC or UTNROTC by choosing one of the methods below:

  • Contact the STA-21 Program Coordinator at NETC at, or 850-452-9433. Inform NETC that you are waiting for acceptance into UT and would like to attend UT if accepted.
  • Email the UT NROTC Unit, or call us at 512-471-7643 with any questions.