Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps
Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps

Transfer Students

Students who are currently attending other universities and intend to transfer to UT, and who will have two years of coursework remaining are eligible to apply for the National Two-year Program or Two-Year College Program.

National Two-Year Scholarship or Two-Year College Program

The Two-Year NROTC Scholarship and Two-Year NROTC College Programs are in place to train and provide officers for the United States Navy and The United States Marine Corps.

During the final two years of college, Two-Year Scholarship students receive college tuition, a textbook stipend each semester, a monthly subsistence allowance, naval science textbooks, and uniforms. College Program nominees receive naval science textbooks, uniforms, and the subsistence only.

Eligibility Requirements
In addition to general program requirements, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. The applicant must meet physical requirements for the NROTC Program. All applicants will be screened for disqualifying factors prior to being scheduled for a DODMERB physical.
  2. Educational requirements:

    At least two years of college with a 2.5 GPA or better;

    Be accepted for matriculation as a junior at the University of Texas at Austin or Huston Tillotson University.

    Scholarship only: One year of differential and integral calculus of one real variable with grades of C or better (except Marine and College Program applicants).

    College Program only: Must have completed one year of college level study in either mathematics (college algebra or higher) or physical science (physics, chemistry, geology, astronomy, etc.) and must agree to complete a total of one year of college level study in both mathematics and physical science prior to commissioning (Navy Option only).

Applications should be submitted to the UT NROTC no later 1 February of their sophomore year in college, or junior year for those enrolled in 5-year curriculum programs.

Forward all required forms and letters to the UT NROTC Recruiting Officer via mail.

Naval ROTC Unit
ICO Recruiting Officer
305 E 23rd St C3604
Austin, TX 78712

  1. Personal Statement: Describe how you initially became interested in the NROTC Program, the most important influence upon you, and your reasons for applying. Then complete your essay by describing your long-range plans or objectives and how the Two-Year NROTC Scholarship or College Program will help attain them.
  2. Standard Form 86, Questionnaire for National Security Positions.
  3. Degree Plan, to show completion within 2 years of program entry.
  4. Letter of Acceptance to the University of Texas at Austin or Huston Tillotson University.
  5. Transcripts for a minimum of three semesters. Include transcripts from all colleges attended.
  6. DD Form 370, Request for Reference (two are required; one must be from an employer).
  7. Statement of Understanding.
  8. Birth Certificate or Verification of Birth Form (DD 372). If you are not a citizen by birth, provide appropriate proof of citizenship (naturalization papers, certificate of citizenship).

Upon the receipt of all requested documents, qualified applicants will be scheduled for an interview.