Department of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

Joint Program in Ancient Philosophy

The Joint Program is supervised by the Joint Program Committee:

Classics Faculty

  • Lesley Dean-Jones
  • Michael Gagarin, Emeritus
  • Stephen White (Director, 1996-2015)

Philosophy Faculty

  • Matt Evans, Director
  • Jim Hankinson (Director, 1992-1996)
  • Alex Mourelatos (Director, 1974-1992), Emeritus
  • Paul Woodruff

The Joint Graduate Program in Ancient Philosophy is supported by the Departments of Classics and Philosophy. Founded in 1967 to coordinate graduate study and research in ancient philosophy, it unites students and faculty in both Departments. Students are admitted through either Department and receive the Ph.D. in either Philosophy or Classics. The Joint Program sponsors an informal discussion group named the Euthyphrones, lectures and colloquia by visiting scholars, and an annual Workshop in Ancient Philosophy.