Department of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

Joint Program Courses

Seminars in ancient philosophy
Faculty in both Departments regularly offer seminars on topics in ancient philosophy, usually one or two each semester. Seminars offered by faculty in the Joint Program are normally cross-listed in both Departments (as both GRK 390 and PHL 381) and include additional "satellite" sessions for close reading of texts in Greek orLatin.
Recent seminars include: Xenophanes and Parmenides, Plato's middle dialogues, Posidonius, Hippocratics, Aristotle's ethics, Sophists, Three cosmologies, Diogenes Laertius, Plato's Symposium, Aristotle's metaphysics.

Readings in Plato and Greek Prose (GRK 385): a graduate course offered annually in the Fall. Designed primarily for entering Classics graduates and Philosophy students in the Joint Program, it is also an effective sequel to Intensive Greek in the preceding Summer. The prerequisite is the equivalent of three (preferably four) semesters of Greek.

Intensive Greek: an accelerated introduction offered annually in the Summer.
Originally instituted to serve graduate students in Philosophy interested in ancient philosophy, it compresses nearly four semesters of Greek into 10 weeks and attracts students from around the country.

Undergraduate reading courses in Greek (GRK 324 and 365): offered most semesters; topics vary. Philosophical works are often covered; recent offerings include Plato's Republic,Aristotle's Politics, and Aristotle's Ethics.

Readings in Latin Prose (LAT 383): a graduate course offered annually in the Fall.
Designed primarily for entering Classics graduates, it often includes readings from Cicero's philosophical dialogues.

Beginning Latin (LAT 601C): compresses the first two semesters into one; offered every semester.

Undergraduate reading courses in Latin (LAT 323 and 365): offered every semester; topics vary. Philosophical works are covered occasionally; recent offerings include Lucretius, Seneca, and Augustine.

History of Ancient Philosophy (PHL 329K / CC 348): offered every semester and required for the undergraduate Major in Philosophy. Joint Program students have the opportunity to be the Teaching Assistant for this course, which includes weekly discussion sections.