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A letter of recommendation is NOT required to complete a Plan II Honors application.

Are there any circumstances when an applicant should submit a letter of recommendation?

An applicant should submit a letter of recommendation (or explanation) if he or she has a record of activity, leadership, internship or other experience that is unusual and outstanding for a high school student, or if there are unusual circumstances in the applicant’s family life, or at the school, with the applicant’s [or a family member’s] health or financial situation or if the applicant has accomplished, survived, instigated or sailed through experiences/activities/circumstances that are extremely unusual for a high school student.  Then by all means have someone write a letter addressing, detailing or explaining the circumstances.

Note an emphasis on outstanding and unusual experiences and circumstances.  A few examples are:

  • A summer internship assisting a university professor with research or conducting individual research;
  • A position of leadership in a national organization;
  • A summer internship with a Fortune 500 company;
  • The student (or close family member) experiences life-threatening or chronic illness or injury;
  • The student loses a close family member;
  • The student's family experiences life-changing financial set-back.

Of course, the are by no means the only circumstances in which a letter of recommendation should be submitted.

If you wish to have a teacher submit a letter of recommendation, and the teacher is willing to release the letter to you, the easiest and best way to submit it is electronically, using the UT Austin document upload system (preferred method).  Or, he or she can simply mail a hard-copy letter to the UT Office of Admissions (being sure to include your full name and UT EID on the letter).  Or, after you have accessed the on-line honors application, you can access the honors recommendation system and put in the teacher’s name and email contact for him/her to submit an electronic recommendation.

Send to UT Office of Admission via US Mail to:

Office of Admission-Processing
University of Texas at Austin
PO BOX 8058
Austin, TX 78713-8058

Plan II will also have access to letters of recommendation submitted as supporting documents for other honor program applications or submitted to support a University of Texas application.  Plan II will have access to every document that an applicant submits.

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