We're Plan II Honors at the University of Texas at Austin. What starts here changes the world....

You embrace a challenge. You're open to discovery. You want to change the world, for yourself and for others. You're hungry for innovative learning and research. Plan II encourages creativity, analysis and critical thinking while offering students opportunities to find solutions to real-world problems. Imagine yourself on a campus at the heart of a vibrant city that expands opportunities for learning—while still keepin' it weird. Become a part of a diverse UT community known around the world for its bold spirit of pride and competitiveness. Realize you're free to question ideas, pursue long-held passions and explore new interests. Define your future as you redefine what's possible. Plan II offers students the experience of a small Liberal Arts college with all the benefits of a Tier One research University.

Plan II students explore everything that makes us human in the best sense, from ancient poetry and philosophy to the latest discoveries in genetics and cosmology. Established in 1935, Plan II is a challenging interdisciplinary honors major with a required core curriculum that includes the study of literature, philosophy, society, the arts, math and the natural sciences. The Plan II Honors major provides freedom to cross intellectual and disciplinary boundaries. Our flexible degree plan allows students to gain the benefits of a Liberal Arts education while also majoring in other fields such as Business, Engineering, Natural Sciences, and the Fine Arts (if they wish).  Discover Plan II Honors.

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If you have admissions questions or concerns, please email Plan II Admissions Director,  Kerry Pasquale.