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Great Things about Plan II

1. Plan II Professors. Plan II professors are at the very top of their fields, a large majority of the faculty who teach Plan II core courses are members of the University's Academy of Distinguished Teaching.  In addition to teaching, brown bag discussions and special lectures, many of these professors spend a great deal of their spare time with students.

2. The Amazing Students. The average Plan II student has an SAT score in the mid-1400s (critical reading and math), is a National Merit Something, and graduated in the top 5% of their class. They have often been leaders of organizations, and have succeeded on state and national levels in everything from debate to clarinet.

3. The Community Environment of Plan II. For anyone worried about being lost at a school of 50,000, be reassured that Plan II is not just a degree, it is also a community and a group of friends who develop lasting relationships. There are two full-time Plan II academic advisors available year-round to help students select courses, determine areas of concentration, set long-term academic or career goals, or simply adjust to college life. The director, associate director, assistant director and other professors are active as faculty advisors, and trained peer advisors are on duty daily in the Plan II office to assist students. The office is a home-base for many students to come in to use the computers and printers, check out the latest announcements on the bulletin boards, or simply chat with each other while munching on a cookie from the cookie jar. The Plan II Students Association sponsors discussion groups with faculty members and prominent speakers (including Pulitzer Award winners and National Book award winners). There is a monthly newsletter, a theater group, an off-campus freshman retreat, and occasional picnics and parties. In addition to all this, Plan II students participate with other honors students in events sponsored by the University Honors Center such as excursions to museums, plays and operas.

4. The Extraordinary Variety of Learning Opportunities. Plan II has many specialized courses available only to Plan II students. This goes beyond the five thousand or so courses offered by UT in various and sundry disciplines. Many Plan II students also spend a semester or a year studying in another country. At UT you can write for one of the best college newspapers in the country, have your own TV show, be in the jazz band, play intramural sports (Plan II has teams!), or be a proud member in one of the 1000+ other student organizations.

5. It's Affordable. Plan II students pay the same tuition and housing rates as other undergraduates at UT, thousands (often tens of thousands!) less than other institutions of comparable quality. For most of the last ten years, U.S. News and World Report has ranked The University of Texas at Austin one of the best educational buys in the country; Plan II enriches that standing ten-fold. In Plan II you get an Ivy League education at a state school price. What more could you want?

6. Scholarships. In addition to the extremely low cost of tuition, the University of Texas and Plan II both offer scholarships, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Many of the UT scholarships are based on merit as well as financial need. Furthermore, as the years pass, students become eligible for more scholarships including scholarships for summer school, study abroad and thesis research.

7. It's Austin! Austin is one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the United States. It has an active artistic and political scene, lots of live music, the highland lakes, hike and bike trails, marathons, music festivals, great restaurants (the best Tex-Mex in Texas) and more.  Austin has all the perks of a big city with a small town sensibility--community and comfort. It also has one of the most educated populaces in the nation.

8. Multiple Major,  Program and Degree Access. The Plan II program intends to expand your horizons. That means that they will do anything they can to help you learn what you want to learn. The enormous flexibility of the Plan II curriculum allows students to complete a second major or concentration in almost any subject area they wish. Many students simultaneously complete a second degree in the College of Engineering, Architecture, Communication, Fine Arts, Business Administration or Natural Science.

9. Leading-Edge Technology. The University of Texas at Austin has some of the most advanced computer facilities in the world with multiple student computer facilities open 24 hours a day almost year-round. The University of Texas was one of the first state universities to install ethernet access in all campus dormitory rooms. Tech support, blogs, free e-mail, web sites and technology classes are available. Plan II has a small computer lab specifically set up for Plan II students.

10. A Bright Future. Many Plan II students continue post-baccalaureate in law school, business school, medical school or graduate schools in biology, philosophy, public policy, engineering, and other fields. They are accepted into the most selective graduate programs across the nation. Plan II graduates work in some of the most prestigious firms in the nation. In essence, a Plan II degree is the most fulfilling way to step forward to a bigger and brighter future.

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