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Keep in touch with us.  We will contact alumni from time to time, keeping you posted on Plan II events and successes.  We hope you'll contact us and keep us updated on your successess too.

Be sure to keep your contact information updated at the TexasExes website.  If you update your contact information at the link to Texas Exes, you will be added to the recipient list of our Plan II electronic alumni newsletters and event mailings.  Our Plan II alumni coordinator will appreciate your input and ideas for events, and your time and energy (and dollars!) if you might help with any of the arrangements for the gatherings. We’d love to hear from you.

Alums are especially welcome at annual program events held on campus, such as the Carpenter Lectureship, Glickman Centenniel Lecture, and Joynes Reading Room Speaker Series. News about current Plan II public events are posted in the alumni events section.

There’s also a Plan II Alumni Facebook group, with over 500 members! It’s easy to stay in touch with us.

We all will love to hear from you as your make your way beyond Plan II.  Please keep us posted on your comings and goings, degrees, careers, weddings, families and promotions.  You will always be a part of Plan II Honors.

We wish you great success in all your future endeavors.

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Check these alumni pages to find information about anniversary plans and events, to read alumni news, and to keep in contact with the program and fellow alumni.  We welcome your comments and questions, your memories and stories, and your continued support.

Alumni questions? 

Contact Mary Dillman

We want to stay in touch with you. 

Please update your contact information at Texas Exes Alumni & Friends Change of Address Form

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