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At the beginning of each Fall semester, freshmen and Peer Advisors meet in small, informal book discussions with some of the most acclaimed professors at UT—a part of a Plan II tradition called "Voltaire's Coffee." Due to the outstanding popularity of these events, the Plan II Academic Chairs are offering a second series in the first couple weeks of the Spring semester.

Students should read the books for at least two Voltaire's Coffees during the summer/winter break, and are encouraged to sign up for at least one. Plan II students in the P2SA choose the sponsoring professors, who in turn choose the books to discuss. The result is a delightful mix of books, ranging from the sublime to the entertaining, covering all areas of study, and a discussion that promises to be illuminating. If the book listed has a translation, please buy the one specified, as different versions can give different impressions. The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is noted for recommended editions. Where no ISBN is noted, choose among the most readily-available editions.

Be aware that VC's will occur during the first few weeks of classes each semester; a few of them will meet before classes even begin. Please check the dates and times of the coffees and register early--they fill up fast! (Previous year's VC's are available upon request)

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