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Plan II Honors Rowe Koehl Travel Award

Summer 2016: Application Deadline: Friday, April 1, 2016.

Thanks to a generous gift from Judy ('63) and her husband Mike Koehl, Plan II is able to offer the annual Rowe Koehl Travel Award. This award is intended to help fund one student's self-guided exploration abroad.

This scholarship is not listed in the Online Scholarship Portal.  To apply, write a one page proposal of your travel plans that includes where you plan to go, why you plan to go there, and what you hope to learn. For example, do you have a burning curiosity about a distant land? Are there specific questions you would like to answer about a foreign culture?

If so, tell us about them. In most cases, the awardee will not be traveling abroad for academic credit, but rather to explore their world.  Send your letter of application, together with a proposed budget and your EID to the Plan II Travel Grant Coordinator, Phillip Dubov at

Winners of the Rowe Koehl Travel Award are required to submit a short report of their experience to the donors, with a copy to Plan II, after travel is complete.

The Rowe Koehl Travel Award is $2000.  Travel occurs during the summer semester.

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