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Roger & Ann Worthington Essay Prize in Plan II Honors

A yearly competition, the Worthington Essay competition poses a difficult moral problem which entrants must answer in a short essay. A generous gift in 2002 from Plan II alumnus Roger Worthington made the Worthington Essay Prize possible.

Only Plan II students may apply. Essays should be 1500 - 2000 words in length and offer a clear, well-reasoned answer to the question posed. Awards are not made for essays that argue both sides. Faculty will evaluate and judge the essays.

The first-year prize will go to the best essay by a Plan II student entering in the Fall, unless that student should win the grand prize.  DEADLINE:  5pm, Friday, OCT 14th, 2016.

Submit your essay to Mary Dillman at as a word document or a pdf.  You may also print it out and deliver it to the Plan II receptionist.

Grand Prize, $5000
First-Year Prize $3500 (for an incoming student not winning the grand prize)
Second Prize, $2500

2016 Prompt

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